Your Friendly Neighborhood Azzmador on BigCatKayla’s Livestream

Daily Stormer
June 21, 2018

I was invited on this stream so I was like “Why the hell not? I enjoy talking!” It turned out to be a great experience. We spent 3 hours discussing everything from Stormer Book Club, to American Nationalism, various shuttenings, the state of the Alt Right, feminism, winning, the 14 words, and, of course, the Jewish Problem.

I had a great time, and I’m sure you’ll enjoy the conversation.

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  1. Is Maceo Flux the YouTube pseudonym for Patrick Little? Who are all these faggots lying about Anglin and Azzmador?

  2. GT88 says:

    Is there anything that guy can’t explain?

  3. well, the funny thing is, JF was doing this stream at the same time that I was doing this one, and before we went on air I was pointing out some of the activity in her sperg chat and telling her that’s exactly what it was. They’re being incorrectly rebranded as “bots,” JF did kind of get that wrong. What they are is these young spergs with tons of sock accounts. So they’re “socknets” (a term I just this minute coined, and I will want credit for that when it goes viral lol), not botnets.
    These socknets cluster around extreme personalities without a lot to recommend them, and try to gaslight content creators by manufacturing false narratives of support for these people that doesn’t really exist, and disdain for people who actually have a following. They hope to hijack whatever platform a popular content creator has built to use for their own ends.
    It’s extremely dishonest, and in the final analysis, benefits absolutely no one.

  4. IDK, why would he waste time on that? I think those are former BBS members doing that (they were banned from here after CV), also the ones that were banned from the official DS discord last year (for posting too much bowlcuts), they created their own server and separated off. Mosin, Vic Mackey, etc.

    The server was full of bowlcuts - if you were around last year on bbs and dsc you’ll know the bowlcut thing :laughing: : and later also there appeared more anti-AA anti-DS themed memes and cartoons.

    P. Little is based, and seems really busy redpilling normies on the streets.

    You should go on Radical Agenda telegram, you’ll see lots of ‘bowlpoasting’

  5. Listen to Little absolutely lie his ass off from beginning to end of these and tell me how based he is.

  6. Hey Azzmador, I just wanted to say THANK YOU for all you do. I always love listening to any podcast you are on. You’re insightful, encouraging, and hilarious. And I also appreciate that sometimes in the past you have shared my memes.

    I hope I can meet you someday, brother. Keep doing what you’re doing, and keep encouraged.

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