Young White Man Tries to Purchase Gun from Two Blacks, Gets Robbed and Murdered

Charles Martel
Daily Stormer
March 8, 2019

Travis McFarland, left, and Omare Atcherson.

Another deracinated white lamb who headed straight to the slaughter…


LaGrange police have made a second arrest in connection with the Feb. 9 killing of a man investigators said was shot to death after arranging to purchase a firearm.

Omare Atcherson, 21, turned himself in at the LaGrange Police Department on Tuesday, authorities said.

His arrest comes days after his alleged accomplice, 17-year-old Travis McFarland, was apprehended Friday in Heard County and charged with the murder of James Jake Ponder.

Police believe Ponder was shot during a robbery after he and a friend picked up McFarland and Atcherson on Troup Street. Investigators said Ponder had communicated with individuals regarding the purchase of a firearm on the night of the incident, and that he was in the area to meet and complete the purchase when the attempted robbery and shooting occurred.

Atcherson is charged with murder, aggravated assault, armed robbery, possession of a firearm during the commission of certain crimes and participating in criminal street gang activity, records show.

James Jake Ponder.