“You Never Wanted My Friendship…”

George Papailias
Daily Stormer
November 20, 2016


This article will be in some ways a rant, and in other ways focus on a more serious problem facing Nationalists and our relationship with the general “non-political” populations who we live with.

The other day I encountered an article on “Diversity Macht Frei” about an 80 year hotel owner from a northern Italian town outside Venice named Luigi Fogli, who in this video below is trying to block the Italian police from forcing illegal invaders into his hotel.

Now this video was shared on all kinds of “right wing” and conservative websites with comments of sympathy for the old man. Talk of “Muslim invasion” and “clash of civilizations” in the comments sections. After reading the back story to this video, I reacted with a sense of both satisfaction and anger. While the conservatives were crying for the “poor old man” I was saying to myself “Good! Serves that traitorous son of a bitch right!”

But why?  How could I be so cruel and take delight in an 80-year-old European having mangiabananas forced into his charming hotel?

Well you see, Luigi apparently filed an application to house the illegal invaders in his hotel, thus putting his hotel on the radar of the Italian government run by leftist Matteo Renzi. Word of mouth spread among the upper class bourgeois hotel owners around Italy that you could make a lot of money housing invaders in your hotel.

Rumor had it that you could get 40 Euros per night per invader if you sign up. In all likelihood, the Italian government was paying this rate when the invaders first started coming, but since then they lowered it to 7 euros per invader due to budget problems. So Luigi here didn’t know that, by the time he found out it was already too late and the mangiabanana people were already on their way.

So you see here folks, had the pay rate been high enough, he would have happily taken illegal invaders, and with the money he would have bought himself a new car, or given some to his spoiled 40-year-old children. But what if you were a working class Italian concerned for your safety and future of your nation? What if you had a sister raped by one of Luigi’s hotel guests? Well, Luigi’s answer for you would have been to go fuck yourself (Vaffanculo).

However, now one Italian’s selfish financial aspirations were cannibalized by another on film. Just as Luigi will do anything for money, so too will the Italian policemen. So now we have a clash of financial aspirations right before our eyes. “Luigi the old hotel man” vs. “Enzo the Policeman.” Luigi’s daughter wanted him to buy her a new Versace handbag, but Enzo the Policeman has a younger girlfriend who also wants a new Versace handbag. So now we see Enzo coming out victorious because the leftist government will pay him to throw a bunch of mangiabanana into Luigi’s hotel. Capitalism in it’s purest and most Darwinist form. Neither of these two have any regard for concepts like Nationalism.

In Greece, we have similar cases; well-off hotel owners on Islands like Chios, Lesvos and Kos initially making a huge profit on invaders only to recently have their properties burned and suffer a long-term destruction of their tourism industry. Up until 6 or 7 months ago, they mocked Golden Dawn as “closed-minded fascists.” They arrogantly talked of how stupid we were, and how they were promised a Nobel Peace Prize for assisting the invasion of our country as they voted the left into power.

Now things are changing, more and more these types see the state that they served so loyally turning on them, and now here and there, cries of “please help us!” are starting to be heard by these same gluttonous animals who called us “stupid fascists” not that long ago.

This story reminds me of a scene from the iconic film “The Godfather” where the family boss Vito Corleone is visted by a man who avoided him for years, a man who now asks him for help because the police would not help him after his daughter was raped and beaten by foreigners.

Like Luigi in real life, this man asking help had total faith in the government, he felt that Corleone was an outdated, useless relic of the past that served no purpose in the modern era. He had no reason to be friendly to him. In the exact same way, most of these non-nationalists see us as an outdated relic of the past that has no use in the modern era of “democratic principles” and “GDP growth”… until now.

Now people will face the reality of why Nationalism existed in the first place, why traitorism has such deadly consequences. Why there are worse things that can happen to you then not having enough money.

We must never offer these type of people our sympathy, we must always have in the back of our mind that these types of people make-up the backbone of the Jewish program and Islamic infestation of our homelands. Without people like Luigi and those they support in the government, the plans of both the Jewish and Islamic invaders would not be possible.