Yids Flip Lids After Polish PM Says Jews Holocausted Themselves!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 19, 2018

Just to be clear here: Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki is himself Jewish

The Jews went way too far in trying to blame Poland for the Holocaust.

The Poles, being ancient blood enemies with the Germans, were happy to go along with the Holocaust narrative. Then the Jews decided “oh well, Poland is getting too right-wing these days – let’s say that they also did the Holocaust.”

This is a narrative they just invented in the last decade, then decided to start forcing the Poles to accept it.

And the Poles were like “nah.”

So Poland is passing a law banning people from promoting that. And the Jews have gone off the rails.

And they just keep digging the hole deeper.

Washington Post:

Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki was forced to deny being a Holocaust denier on Sunday, after suggesting earlier in the weekend that Jews were partially responsible for their own genocide.

Even so, his words prompted a public scolding from Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and deepened a crisis between the two countries that began — ironically — with Poland’s effort to dissociate itself from Nazism.

Morawiecki was speaking at a conference of world leaders in Munich on Saturday when a journalist asked him about a new Polish law that bans accusations the country collaborated with Nazi Germany during World War II — despite the fact that historians say some Poles did just that.

Jewish historians.

Who started making the claim less than 10 years ago. Out of the blue.

This wasn’t claimed at Nuremberg or in any of the books written in the first 60 years after the supposed event.

The prime minister, whose right-wing nationalist party took power in Poland two years ago, tried to defend the law, which has outraged many Jews. “You’re not going to be seen as criminal [if you] say that there were Polish perpetrators, as there were Jewish perpetrators, as there were Russian perpetrators as well as Ukrainian perpetrators — not only German perpetrators,” Morawiecki said.

So, as anyone can see, what he was saying is that the law only makes it illegal to claim that the Holocaust was part of a state policy of the Poles. It does not make it illegal to argue that an individual Pole was involved in it. And he gave examples of other individuals of various groups who could also have – as individuals – been responsible for atrocities during the war.

No one doesn’t understand what he meant.

Morawiecki grouping of “Jewish perpetrators” with Nazi Germans who set out to destroy the world’s Jewish population revolted people far beyond the audience in Munich, provoking denunciations in Israel, a Jewish state founded after an estimated 6 million Jews were murdered during the Holocaust.

Yair Lapid, head of Yesh Atid, a centrist Israeli opposition party, demanded his country recall its Polish ambassador. “The Jewish state will not allow the murdered to be blamed for their own murder,” he said, according to the Associated Press.

Obviously, there were Jewish individuals who worked with the Germans to get other Jews to the camps, and there were Jewish individuals who worked in the camps.

This is mainstream history. Everyone knows that.

This is just more “hold my beer” outrage from the Jews.

Netanyahu called his Polish counterpart’s comments “outrageous” and gave Morawiecki a history lesson the next day, according to Haaretz, about how his wife’s grandfather was betrayed by Poles and murdered by Germans.

“The Holocaust was designed to destroy the entire Jewish people and not any other peoples,” Netanyahu said after the conversation.

“A comparison between the activities of Poles and the activities of Jews during the Holocaust is unfounded,” his office said Sunday.

Last month, Polish lawmakers overwhelmingly passed a bill that could jail people for saying phrases such as “Polish death camp” or otherwise suggesting Poland collaborated with Nazis. Israeli leaders — along with U.S. officials, Jewish groups and historians around the world — condemned the bill, but it will nevertheless become law later this year. Anyone convicted under the law could face fines or up to three years in jail.

Meanwhile, Morawiecki has been trying to stem accusations of Holocaust revisionism against his government. Arguably, though, the prime minister has only made the situation worse. As his government rushed to defend his comments about “Jewish perpetrators” over the weekend, someone scrawled misshapen swastikas outside the Polish Embassy in Tel Aviv.

Why can the Jews not draw swastikas properly?

It’s disgusting.

It is also disgusting that Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki is himself Jewish – that just makes this whole situation all the more weird, and makes one wonder if he didn’t say these things in order to purposefully sabotage the Polish agenda.

Time for the Anglin Plan

I have personally suggested that the Poles, instead of passing a law banning people from accusing them of doing the Holocaust, simply remove the laws banning the “denial” of the Holocaust and allow for researcher from America and elsewhere to come do analysis of the alleged “death camps” which exist on their territory.

After all, it will be totally impossible for anyone to be blamed for the Holocaust if it is shown to have not actually even happened, and it is the Poles who have the ability to show that this in fact didn’t happen. Because they are sitting on the alleged evidence of it.

And it is a lot less confusing and complicated to say “we’re going to allow research into these historical sites” than it is to try and argue about whatever historical details that the Jews are trying to get them all bogged down in.