Yes, This is All Jeff Sessions’ Fault

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 5, 2018

The media is saying Trump is “blaming” Sessions for the Russia probe hoax.

He isn’t “blaming” anyone, he’s just stating an obvious fact.

“Blaming” Sessions for the Mueller debacle would be like “blaming” the sun for a hot summer day.

I said this from the beginning. It was the beginning of every problem.

Sessions for bizarre reasons still unknown decided to give over control of the entire situation to the Israelite Rod Rosenstein, who promptly incited a fiasco.

And he did it because he was intimidated by the titty-grabbing kike rat Al Franken.

How dumb is this asshole?

How much of a pussy do you have to be to be intimidated by a kike?

Even rando Filipina sluts have the ability to stand up to this weasel.

So yeah – no “blaming” going on here, media kikes.

Speaking of kikes and the DOJ and Trump Tweets – he also asked today why the kike DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz hasn’t given a report yet.

Well Trump, it’s because HE’S JEWISH.

And your AG Sessions doesn’t really seem to be good at dealing with Jews.

Didn’t this sonovabitch good old boy at least learn a few tricks while hunting gators in the bayou?

Trump should have made Burt Reynolds AG.

He doesn’t even give a fuck, that guy.

Some greasy kike comes at him and he doesn’t even blink before he breaks a whisky bottle over their head.

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