#YangGang2020: Chairman Yang will Free the People From Robot Apocalypse

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 8, 2019

Chairman Yang was on Tucker Carlson last week. They agreed on virtually everything.

CARLSON: I sit with my jaw open. I agree with you so strongly. Let me ask you finally, why isn’t this a central question in the campaign of everybody running for President on any side, and why instead are they talking about issues that are really are kind of frivolous? Why aren’t they talking about this?

YANG: It’s a good question, Tucker. I mean, one of the reasons I’m running for President is to push this in the center of the mainstream agenda where every candidate should be talking about what we are going to do about the fact that we’re automating away the most common jobs in the economy right now.

As we are sitting here together, the labor force participation rate in the United States is 63.2%. The same level as Ecuador and Costa Rica, and if anyone thinks that’s where America ought to be, I mean, that number is even going to be further challenged when all of this technology comes online. So we have to make America embrace this challenge of the 21st Century and then try and address it together as a people.

CARLSON: Last question. Shouldn’t people who cite unemployment statistics be penalized for saying something so stupid?

YANG: Yes, we have a series of bad numbers and I refer to GDP as one. Certainly, a headline unemployment rate is completely misleading and one of my mandates as President is I’m going to update the numbers that actually make sense to the American people.

CARLSON: Yes, yes. So we can know what’s going on, otherwise we can’t make wise decisions.

YANG: Yes, right now again and you know this, our life expectancy has declined for the last three years, first time in 100 years because of a surge in suicides and drug overdoses. How can you say an economy is healthy when our people are dying? It makes no sense at all.

CARLSON: I literally — I don’t even know what you think on the other issues and I just support what you said so much. I appreciate your coming on.

YANG: Thank you, Tucker. It’s great to be here.

I am entirely in support of this completely.

He gave an interview to a much stupider Fox News host and argued that the dichotomy between capitalism and socialism is retarded, and needs to be abolished and replaced with a new paradigm.

I’m not aware of very many people saying this.

I’m saying this.

As has been noted, Andrew Yang is also a trans-racial white person.

He is going to give each of us $1000 a month.

As I’ve just noted, if Donald Trump is now some kind of weird racist but also pro-immigration president, who is also pro war and does nothing but talk about the plight of the Jews, he is pretty much totally useless.

Andrew Yang is a helluva lot more interesting.

Basically, getting him elected would result in a full paradigm shift in the same way Trump resulted in a full paradigm shift. We need to start thinking of ourselves as living in the future – because we are living in the future.

Once we start dealing with these technologies, the issue of immigration is going to solve itself. No one is going to be able to defend importing billions of illiterate field peasants so we can give them free money because there aren’t any jobs.

We all need to start registering as Democrats in order to vote for Yang in the primaries.

It is hard to imagine him winning the primary, just because the Democrat Party is so corrupt, but if he doesn’t win he might run third party.

This shifts the whole discussion further away from retarded nonsense like our duty to the brown hordes, or our duty to fight wars, or our duty to protect the feelings of people who ram their dicks up each others’ anuses, or whatever other nanny-type duty America is supposed to have onto the real matter of the robots.

You’re not required to vote along party lines in the general election, so even if you’re a registered Democrat you can still vote for Trump in 2020. It doesn’t matter. It’s just an issue of the primaries.

To be clear, this is not a drill. I’m telling you to go do this now. We are going to get the machine rolling.