Yang will Take Your Guns Just Like Obama Did

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 15, 2019

We all remember that during the Obama Administration, he rounded up all of the guns.

He kicked in everyone’s door, shot their dog, and loaded all of their weapons up on a big truck and drove off laughing.

Many people are afraid that Andrew Yang will do the same.

However, Chairman Yang has stated specifically and clearly that he won’t do any kind of door-to-door round-up.

Furthermore, he has said plainly that he is a reasonable man when people ask questions about his gun policy.

“I’m a reasonable man” in this context means “chill out – I’m running in a Democrat primary.”

A lot of people who are shilling against Yang are pointing to things that I have never once heard him talk about – like gun policy and any of the social justice issues.

All he ever talks about is robots, free money and dealing with the general social effects of technology.

The rest of the policies on his website and just copy-pasted from the standard Democrat platform, because he’s running as a Democrat.

These positions don’t matter. He’s made clear that it’s all negotiable. He’s focusing on his agenda. He says the rest of this stuff is a distraction.

“I’m convinced that identity politics has just been set up to distract us from the money. Like, let’s just go get that money, then after we get that money, then we can talk about whatever else you want to talk about.” -Andrew Yang, Future President

That is his actual official position.

Get the money first, then we can figure out everyone’s individual issues.

Gun rights are an extremely popular issue. Once people get free money, free healthcare and Bezos is paying for it all, the left is going to be much more rapid about guns. These SJW freaks and antifa are going to be seen for what they are: a bunch of anti-social weirdos who simply want to harm normal people.

They are all dependent on Trump fueling the identity politics machine. When Trump is gone, they’re not going to have any type of machine to drive this agenda with.

And Trump will be gone.

That’s the other thing that anti-Yang shills don’t want to talk about.

There is zero possibility he can win.

So your choice is Kamala/Beto or Yang/Tulsi.

And which one of those combinations is going to be kinder to your gun rights?

Yang is a logical person. He will allow everyone to have free and open discussion of the issues.

He has already said he is going to give us freedom of speech on the internet and regulate big tech.

We will be able to figure out whatever it is we need to figure out after we secure the bag.

Don’t be an idiot.

Focus on the money.

Even aside from the money, we’re already getting more from Yang than we ever did from Trump. Yang talks specifically about white people and wants to help us with our birthrate and drug problems. He wants to force doctors to stop cutting 1/3rd of our boys’ penises off. He wants a free and open internet.

We will figure the rest of it out later.

And obviously, if he gets the Dem nomination (unlikely) or runs third party (very likely), he is going to switch up a lot of his platform to appeal to a general electorate.

Let’s get that money.