Wray-Rosenstein Hearing: FBI and DOJ Heads Try to Explain This Diabolical Shit They’re Up To

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 29, 2018

It’s about time these ratbags were forced to answer some questions.

Of course… nothing super-important went down, that I’ve read about. I haven’t watched the full 5 hour stream, gonna try to catch it on 2x speed at the gym later.

I’m sure there was stuff that I would find important that the articles I’m reading did not find important, so I have no choice but to listen to this entire bitch-long thing.

But basically, the consensus is that the Jew Rosenstein and his deepstate pet Wray were stonewalling on everything that isn’t already in public from the Horowitz report – as well as a bunch of stuff that already is in the Horowitz report.

The Hill has picks for important points, which line up with the rest of what I’ve been reading, so we’ll look at their article.

With my comments and the primo clips.

Hopefully you’ll be able to get an overview from this, because this is a pretty import thing that went down yesterday – a step in the process of taking down the conspiracy, and the first time one of the head Jews behind it has been asked to answer anything since things heated up.

Although he pretty much flat refused to answer anything.

The Hill:

The five-hour hearing before the House Judiciary Committee contained plenty of fireworks as that feud spilled over into public view.

By the time Chairman Bob Goodlatte (R-Va.) gaveled out, it was clear the GOP was still deeply unsatisfied by the department’s response to their demands.

For Democrats, the message was just as obvious: Republicans, they say, are conducting an unnecessary investigation in order to muddy the waters around special counsel Robert Mueller’s probe into Russia’s election interference.

Yeah that argument isn’t really going to keep working for much longer. In fact, it has already stopped working.

Trump basically announced that he’s going to be going after criminal charges against Mueller himself yesterday, along with the rest of his allies.

And whereas the Mueller probe has found nothing in a year other than some boomer’s possibly dishonest tax reporting and a weird theory about Russian Facebook memes being an act of war, and was so frustrated that he had to devolve into tabloid porno material, a Trump investigation into these investigators would start turning up a massive criminal conspiracy in about 5 minutes.

Clenching to the Mueller probe is a very, very bad look for the Democrats at this point, because when it turns out that the probe itself is a criminal conspiracy to overthrow the United States government, people are going to remember this clinging.

The typically soft-spoken Rosenstein wasn’t shy about punching back against Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio), a leading figure in the House Freedom Caucus and one of his fiercest critics on Capitol Hill.

In one of the most confrontational exchanges of the day, Jordan accused the deputy attorney general of “hiding information” from Congress — a charge Rosenstein virulently denied.

It’s a good clip.

Rosenstein is literally refusing to turn over information and redacting information relating to the conspiracy. Not an opinion.

“Now Mr. Jordan, I am the deputy attorney general of the United States. Okay?” Rosenstein snapped in obvious annoyance. “I am not the person doing the redacting. I am responsible for responding to your concerns, as I am … So your statement that I am personally keeping information from you, trying to conceal information —”

“You’re the boss, Mr. Rosenstein,” Jordan interrupted.

“That’s correct, and my job is to make sure we respond to your requests. And we have, sir. Again, I appreciate your concerns—”

“Again, I think the House of Representatives is going to say otherwise,” Jordan cut in.

Finally, Rosenstein appeared to have had enough: “But your use of this to attack me personally is deeply wrong.

Slowly, Jim Jordan began to hate them.

This part is big:

Rosenstein got in another sharp jab at Jordan’s expense later in the hearing, when Jordan pressed Rosenstein on allegations that he had “threatened” to subpoena certain information on House Intelligence Committee staffers amid the dispute over record production.

“Did you threaten to subpoena phones and emails?” Jordan asked.

Rosenstein fired back without missing a beat. “No sir, and there’s no way to subpoena phone calls,” he said, before brusquely switching off his mic. The room erupted into laughter.

Fucking commie Jew.

He did not answer the question.

There sure as hell is a way to subpoena emails, which was part of his question, and there is a way to subpoena text messages and call history – what he meant to say was “phone records.”

Not fucking phone calls.

He refused to answer the question, using a quip – and he just got away with it.

Of course he started threatening the House Intelligence Committee when Nunes started pressing hard on him.

He did it in January, as reported by the Paywall Street Journal, and the filthy Jew can’t deny it so he makes a joke. And then it’s let slide.

How the hell did they allow him to not answer that question? To get away with a smarmy quip? 

Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-S.C.) aired Republican frustrations over the Mueller investigation during his questioning, accusing the probe of “tearing” the American people apart and demanding its swift conclusion.

“There’s an old saying that justice delayed is justice denied,” Gowdy said. “I think right now all of us are being denied. Whatever you’ve got, finish it the hell up, because this country is being torn apart.”

Gowdy didn’t bother to say the whole Russia thing is a hoax. He actually said “Russia attacked this country” – I am so fucking sick of that shit. You present the evidence for that, Trey. Show me the contacts between Russia and Assange. You don’t have any more evidence for that than Mueller has for the Trump thing.

Anyway, okay clip.

He of course did his whole loud/aggressive Al Pacino bit.

And he did push the Strzok issue. That this guy who was a leading figure on the Mueller team after having led the FBI hoaxvestigation that was used to spy on Trump’s team for the Obama administration is now on the record as a part of a conspiracy to first stop the election of Trump and then get him impeached.

Which everyone knows about already, and which Rosenstein can’t possibly respond to in any way at all – because it obviously means that the Mueller thing was a scam from the beginning, simply an extension of the original scam at Obama’s FBI during the campaign.

So the Jew didn’t try to respond. Because he’s a wily kike.

Rosenstein maintained his composure and gently pushed back on suggestions that the department should end the investigation.

“I think the best thing we can do is finish it appropriately and reach a conclusion,” Rosenstein said.

The deputy attorney general went on to stress that there has been “no allegation” by the Justice Department or special counsel Mueller beyond what is contained in the public indictments, and discouraged the public from jumping to conclusions “without seeing the evidence.”

Yes, all of the secret evidence that they must surely have. They had so much evidence that they decided to just go into tabloid nonsense with porn stars, just for kicks. They’re dragging it on for the lulz. They want the slow burn.

When you see the evidence man it’s gonna blow your mind.

The House successfully passed a resolution in the middle of the hearing, one that seeks to compel the Justice Department to turn over key documents that Congress has requested.

The measure, which passed along party lines in a 226-183 vote, serves as a warning shot from House conservatives that they will take more aggressive action if the FBI and Justice Department do not provide all the information they are seeking to obtain.

Yeah, they’re gonna release another heavily redacted thing.

The time for “resolution to compel” is long over.

These people need to be subpoenaed. Period.

We need to bring in the military – or some other government body, maybe ICE – to run an investigation of the FBI and DOJ.

Both Rosenstein and Wray used the public forum as a platform to defend their agencies against the GOP lawmakers’ attacks. The two officials fiercely pushed back on claims that their agencies were “slow-walking” documents to the committee.

Rosenstein told lawmakers during his opening remarks that the FBI has made “unprecedented disclosures” to congressional committees under the Trump administration, nothing that they have fulfilled most document requests.

“For months, we’ve been working with your committee to make witnesses available, answer questions, and produce or make available to you and your staff over now 880,000 pages,” Wray told the committee in his opening remarks.

Goyim, I…

Both Wray and Rosenstein denied that they are “angry Democrats.” Their remarks came in response to one Democratic lawmaker’s question referencing Trump’s frequent claim that “13 angry Democrats” are serving on Mueller’s investigative team.

“I’m trying to do this job apolitically,” Wray told lawmakers. “I do not consider myself an angry Democrat.”

Rosenstein pushed back on criticism that Mueller is dragging out the probe, saying he believes the pace of the special counsel’s investigation is “not atypical at all,” and that it is being carried out as quickly as possible.

The investigation itself is “atypical” to say the very, very least.

It is already out in the open that this is a hoax!

It is all based on pissgate. The FISA warrants during the campaign were based on pissgate, the Mueller appointment was based on pissgate. And we know that pissgate is fake. The FBI knew it from the beginning.

This entire thing is a scam, and everyone knows.

The deputy attorney general also defended the probe against claims that political bias among FBI officials may have tainted it, stating that Mueller has taken “appropriate steps” to ensure that any animus toward Trump did not impact the Russia investigation.

Even Horowitz admitted that point.

Republicans have seized on Rosenstein’s role in approving a surveillance warrant request for former Trump campaign aide Carter Page, after the election was over and Page was no longer a part of the campaign. They say, without evidence, that it was uncorroborated and based almost exclusively on a piece of opposition research paid for in part by the Clinton campaign — something that Democrats who have seen the underlying application say isn’t true.

Yeah but they won’t release the file, will they?

And everything else was based on pissgate – why wouldn’t the Carter Page warrant have been based on that? What the hell else would it have been based on? This alleged secret evidence again?

How is this even real?

Rosenstein at multiple points defended his approval of the warrant application, although he declined to discuss classified specifics in a public setting.

He said he “disputes [the] characterization” that the court’s order authorized the FBI to “spy” on the Trump campaign, as the president and his allies have alleged.

“If the inspector general finds I did something wrong, I’ll accept that judgment, but I think that’s highly highly unlikely,” he said in a testy exchange with Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.), referring to an ongoing review of the matter by Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz.

“If my Jewish colleague finds me to have been involved in a Jewish conspiracy to destroy America, I will be very surprised”

Gaetz was good.

And Steve King, as always, was very good.

Doug Collins made a good showing – caught him out on Strzok. Again.

Louie Gohmert rekt the Jew – used the phrase “you’re parsing words.” Basically an anti-Semitic dog whistle.

These are all very good examples of “frustrated goy confronts evil Jew, becomes more frustrated by encounter.”

There is more to be written about this, of course.

But the bottom line is: things are moving forward, these people are on the defense, the game has been switched, they are burying themselves, some big thing is going to blow before the midterms.

This hearing, while frustrating with this lying kike stonewalling, is yet another sign of just how well this is all going.

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