WOW: Sweden Democrats Politician Just Said “Jews are Not Swedes”

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 23, 2018

I give the Sweden Democrats a lot of crap for being a sort of half-assed pseudo-nationalist anti-Islam party of classical liberals.

But this statement here – this does not fit that definition.

At all.


A lawmaker for a populist right-wing party in Sweden has been accused of racism after writing on Facebook that Jews and members of the Sami minority are not Swedes.

Bjorn Soder, who represents the Sweden Democrats party at the Riksdag, the Swedish parliament, maintains that in his post Sunday he never questioned minorities’ rights as Swedish citizens but merely stood up for their rights to preserve their distinct ethnic identities.

Soder on Facebook criticized Annie Loof, a Cabinet minister for the liberal Centre Party, who wrote on Twitter that her “Jewish friends are simply my Swedish friends: As a citizen of Sweden, you are Swedish, even whether you belong to one of our national minorities or not.”

Soder responded that Loof was “undermining” the status of those five minorities by downplaying their distinctive identities, as he described it.

“These groups have minority positions in Sweden precisely because they are not Swedes. Shame on you, Annie Loof, for your racist attitude,” he wrote.

This is taking “liberals are the real racists” to the ultimate level.

“You disrespect Jews by claiming they are members of our nation.”

That is fantastic.

Salute this guy.

This is Important

The entire paradigm that the Jews have shoved down our throats is that “race does not exist,” therefore the only thing that defines a person as British, Swedish, American, German, etc. is that they live in the geographical territory of that country.

However, it is only white people who are fed this line.

These “minority” groups are all encouraged to maintain their “unique identity” as members of separate groups.

The first step in reconstituting real nationalism – based on blood and soil – is for whites to begin to view themselves as a distinct group, and to tie that distinction to their national identity.

So the importance of putting this idea out there cannot be overstated.

This is where it begins.

And I’ll tell you – I think he has couched this in such a way as he is going to get away with it. I don’t think he’ll be kicked out of the party. He hasn’t been yet.

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