Women. They Do Not Have Any Moral Compass at All.

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 29, 2018

What a vicious, nasty thing to do to a man.

And to his kids.

And to other kids.


A woman was arrested on charges of unlawful distribution of nude images and harassment when she allegedly taped nude photos of her ex-boyfriend on a fence outside his kids’ elementary school, according to court documents.

On Sept. 12, several naked pictures were reported at Hull Elementary in Chandler.

According to court docs, the pictures were of a person standing nude where a person would be able to know who was in the picture, which showed genitalia. The pictures were taped to the inside of the fence so anyone inside the fence, meaning children and school employees could see them.

One of the photos was posted on the fence line at a park adjacent to the school. Two girls saw it and reported it. The school took it down and notified police as well as the parents of the students who saw it.

The man in the photos told police the only person he sent the photos to was his ex-girlfriend, Deborah Britton.

He attempted to call Britton, but she hung up on him, court docs say.

Britton, 55, was arrested on an unrelated warrant Nov. 14. According to court docs, a detective spoke to her about the school incident and she said there was no reason her fingerprints would be on the photos because she didn’t post them.

After getting the photos tested for prints, lab results came in Dec. 11 and showed that her fingerprint was found on one of the photos, court docs said.

Imagine this bitch being 55 years old and doing something like this.

Of course, the guy is a retard for ever sending nude pictures to a woman. Women will use anything they have against you, in the most sadistic ways they can think of using it.

“A woman scorned” and all that.

But modern men really do not understand this issue, and instead feel some kind of trust for women, the original betrayers.

I don’t know if Adam and Eve really is the oldest story, but it is told to us as the oldest story, and it is very similar to a woman posting nude photos of you outside your child’s school for your children and all their classmates to see.

My advice to men is to never, ever under any circumstances, show any form of vulnerability whatsoever to a woman. Do not show any emotions of weakness – including anger or frustration. Keep all of it to yourself.

Definitely don’t let them have any nude pictures of you or any otherwise compromising documentation. It isn’t a matter of if they will use it, but when.