Woman Films Herself Forcing 6-Year-Old Boy to Perform Oral Sex, Asking Him “Do You Like it When You Make Me Feel Good?”

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
February 16, 2019

Christine Alyce Slayman

If you thought we were getting close to Peak Degeneracy, think again. We’re nowhere near Peak Degeneracy yet.


A female pedophile filmed herself forcing a six year-old boy to perform sex acts on her while she asked: ‘Do you want to make me feel good? Do you like it when you make me feel good?’

Christine Alyce Slayman, 28, made the horrifying videos at the request of her boyfriend, one of which saw her shower nude with the child while instructing him to perform a sex act on her.

Another of the clips – which saw Slayman jailed for 40 years last week – showed Slayman order the youngster use a sex toy on her while asking him the disturbing questions about making her ‘feel good.’

Both videos were filmed in 2015 at Slayman’s home in King William, Virginia, with FBI agents uncovering a further 16 abuse clips recorded over several months the same year.

Slayman’s relationship to her victim has not been shared by investigators, with the child now in care of relatives.

She sent the clips to her unnamed boyfriend afterwards, then deleted them from her phone.

Her boyfriend kept them on a thumb drive as a means of extorting further videos from her, it is claimed, with investigators now working towards indicting him.

If you’re wondering what kind of woman would do something like this…

The answer is not “degenerate women” because all women are degenerates. The answer is: any woman, for the right man, and under the right circumstances.

This isn’t even about pleasing a man they’re interested in. It’s about them enjoying the high of emotions they get by doing absolutely perverse and disgusting stuff. If they’re reasonably convinced they can get away with it, they will do it. If not, they’re also likely to do it, because they also enjoy the rush of adrenaline they get at the thought of being caught.

They’re weird animals. I’m just describing the way they operate. I’m not really judging them.

The Metro article points out the fact that her boyfriend kept the videos she sent him in a thumb drive to further “extort” more videos from her. They try to shift some of the blame off of the woman and obfuscates the obvious fact that the woman is the only one to blame here — at least under our current Equality Paradigm.

Why did she record the first video? For the above “blackmailing” situation to take place she had to provide the first video, which was provided without her boyfriend having any previous video to blackmail her with.

This isn’t a chicken-or-egg problem.

The woman first recorded one of those videos to get the ball rolling. She is to blame here.

If they want to blame men for all of women’s doings then they should declare women the property of men, because this thing we currently have where women and men are told they’re equals is incompatible with the constant man-blaming.

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