Wisconsin: High School Sieg Heilers Can’t Be Punished – Jew Creating Database of Their Names to Stop Them Getting Jobs

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 26, 2018

One of the big reasons that people hate the Jews is that they hunt people down and destroy their lives over jokes.

It was announced that the high school kids who had a photo released of them giving a smiling Roman salute at a prom won’t be punished by the school because it happened off campus and it’s a free country.

The Mueller investigation (srsly) showed that America has something called “the First Amendment,” which means that, among other things, you are allowed to make jokes about things that make Jews angry.

ABC News:

Officials with a Wisconsin school district say free-speech rights would make it difficult to discipline students who appeared in a photograph that showed several high school boys giving what appears to be a Nazi salute.

The State Journal reports that Baraboo Superintendent Lori Mueller said in a letter to parents Wednesday that officials cannot know the “intentions in the hearts” of those involved. She also said the district isn’t in a position to punish the students because they are protected by the First Amendment.

Mueller’s letter said part of the district’s investigation is complete.

But like the other Mueller investigation, this Mueller Investigation will never be fully complete – at least as long as we still have Jews in America.

One Jew on Twitter by the name of Michael B. Kramer‏ is planning to make a list of the kids’ names, so he can create a special website designed to harm their college enrollment and future employment prospects for the rest of their lives.

Did you catch this:


It’s like the “Dad, can I borrow $50” meme.

Next post will be “people will want to know the identities of these 96-year-old Auschwitz prison guards who personally murdered thousands of Jews a day in 1945.”

The only reason that making this joke would affect anyone’s college admission or employment is that Jews use blackmail and threats against people who go against their will.

No one actually cares if Jews die, as we saw with the recent synagogue shooting, much less if someone makes a joke that hurt their feelings, much less if someone made that joke that hurt their feelings when they were in high school.

But every single employer in the world knows that when the SPLC or the ADL call you up and demand that you fire someone, they are making that demand under the pretense of a threat that if you do not, they will defame your business as “supporting virulent anti-Semitic neo-Nazism” throughout the entire media. Jews own the media, so the media thinks this is very important behavior.

This is high schoolers making a joke is a good microcosm through which to consider the macrocosm: Jews have a complex system they use to silence free speech through bullying, harassment, intimidation, blackmail and threats.

Needless to say, no one had their life destroyed for hurting the feelings of Jews before there were Jews in America.

They use blackmail and their ethnic network to stop people from exposing their techniques. They will publish entire streams of articles about how such and such company supports so and so Nazis because they refuse to censor whoever they are demanding they censor.

They will also try to sue people into silence.

The truth is anathema to the Jews, so they have to keep people in a constant state of fear to keep them from talking about their behavior. If people were allowed to talk about their behavior openly, it would lead not only to people disliking them, but presumably pogroms and potentially full ethnic cleansing. They are evil people, who exist only to harm others.

Who is Michael B. Kramer?

As Michael B. Kramer has an interest in knowing who these lads in Wisconsin are, perhaps you have an interest in knowing who Michael B. Kramer is?

Well, he’s a New York Jew lawyer, who you can call, visit or email here:

Michael B. Kramer & Associates

150 East 58th Street

New York, New York 10155

Tel   212.319.0304

Fax  212.319.0545

e-mail address mail@mkramerlaw.com

I am probably going to make a special website devoted to him, and compile more information on him, because people have a right to know who this powerful Jewish lawyer is. The First Amendment can be a bitch, and when you try to destroy the lives of kids for making jokes, people are interested in that.

I am the boss! 250,000 Americans died fighting the Nazis, for no reason. The Jews lied about 6 million Jews dying – sure would have been nice if it was true. IMO there is nothing funny about Jews hunting down high schoolers, but it is this kike’s right to express himself. It is also my right to let anti-Semites and potential customers know who this Jew is.