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  1. @Spartacus Hey I love the fact that you are posting his stuff on here regularly. I have a couple favs of Pierce’s to request that you post

    Odysseus’ way

    The Hijacking of America

  2. I think it’s great that the Daily Stormer is regularly posting Pierce’s speeches in the video section. Pierce was straightforward and seemingly fearless. It’s good that the younger crowd can discover his speeches, even though his current-event topics are maybe unrecognizable to a lot of teenagers and young adults. When I first got jew-wise, it was Pierce’s words more than anything else that exposed and explained things to me.

  3. I still call it Rhodesia, when people talk about it in conversation i reference it as Rhodesia, it pisses people off, i am not gonn stop.

  4. This video, as well as Pierce’s video regarding the situation in South Africa circa '98 is extremely interesting to listen to, especially as his message is just as valid today, if not more so.
    I’ve only recently come across his broadcasts, and everything he warns against is the world we are faced with today.

  5. I continue to make Americans aware of homeless and murdered White farmers in South Africa while they collectively continue to send Christian money to blacks. Those people I talk with about not suppirting their racial brother, hate me.

  6. Just more proof that the Jews are winning and why and that we can do nothing to stop them. We can only observe in detail the slow marching destruction of everything we have ever built. The Jews have skillfully made themselves king rats of the smoldering shit pile remnant they made of this world.

  7. RVW says:

    Pierce stuff today is awsome, but you dont forget that in his days it was 10 times more explosive than it is now. He truly was a trail blazer that intended to pass something to the future generations, and that he did.

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