Will the Texas Shooting Cause Women to Reconsider the Systematic Abuse of Men?

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
May 21, 2018

The modern West is defined by the systematic sexual, psychological and emotional abuse of men by women. We are taught from an early age that women are simply allowed to do whatever they want to men, and that men have absolutely no recourse. We are in fact taught that it is morally justifiable for a woman to abuse a man in every conceivable manner.

Yesterday, it was revealed that the reason Dimitrios Pagourtzis went on a shooting rampage at his high school was that he was publicly humiliated by an entitled, hateful slut, Shana Fisher – and she was the first one to get the shotgun blast.

The funeral will be closed casket.

It goes without saying that I don’t agree with Dimitrios’ actions.

But I understand. 

Straight white men are the lowest beings in today’s society. As a controversial tweet that went viral recently pointed out, the term “straight white male” is now used like the word “nigger” was used in a previous era.

Obviously, “straight white male” is used in a much more hateful way than “nigger” ever was, but I digress.

The point is: we are taught from infancy that we are the lowest beings on the planet and that we are born evil.

In order to explain away the fact that we also built all of civilization – which doesn’t seem to be something the lowest beings on the planet would do – we are told that civilization itself is fundamentally evil because it was built by us. The conversation ends there, without allowing the white male to ask the next obvious question, which would be: “if civilization is evil, then why are we still living in civilization? Shouldn’t we go live in African mud huts instead, in order to evade this evil system created by evil white men?”

While we are consistently reminded that all colored people are better than us in every way, the direct enforcers of our oppression in most of our lives are women.

Women are put in all of the authority positions in schools, and we are forced to bow to them. We are taught to constantly defer to our female peers in all situations. And yet, as mammals that reproduce sexually (unlike certain amoebas, who reproduce asexually), we have a desire to pursue women romantically.

However, in any sort of romantic pursuit, social power dynamics come into play, and the woman is always in complete control of the situation.

She is allowed, both legally and by social norms, to lead a man on, to make him think she is sexually interested in him, when in fact she is not, and simply takes pleasure from the attention she is receiving from him. This, obviously, is a form of sexual abuse. She is toying with the sexuality of a man in order to boost her own ego. The effect of this behavior is multiplied to the nth degree by the fact that women now are allowed to wear absurd amounts of makeup and dress in revealing clothing in public – a direct form of sexual harassment of men.

You see, a woman does not naturally have confidence in herself, her self-confidence is derived from men. In the natural world, her self-confidence would be derived from her husband. However, in the unnatural dystopian nightmare world of Judeo-feminism, she is able to get flattering attention from unlimited numbers of men at the same time, feeding her confidence.

The direct male analog to this situation would be if men were allowed to go around and simply pull up the dress of any woman they found attractive and start penetrating her. Then ejaculate, and walk away. And there was no law or social norm stopping them from doing it, and women were shamed and punished if they objected to it.

That would be a type of sexual utopia for men at the expense of women – in theory – correct?

Well, what we modern society has done is create a sexual utopia for women – at the expense of men.

If you can’t understand what I just said, then you need to spend some time thinking about it. Think about the women in your life and the way they behave with men. Think long and hard.

It is a bitter red pill, but it is one you must swallow if you ever wish to free yourself from this system.

An Instance of Justice for Men

So we have this girl, Shana Fisher, a classmate of the Santa Fe school shooter.

Her mother revealed over the weekend that she had recently publicly humiliated the shooter as a response to his allegedly harassment-like advances.

Let me just go ahead and drop a bomb on you here: white men do not “prey” on women. They do not pursue women they are attracted to long-term who are not giving them some kind of signals that they have reciprocal feelings of attraction towards them. If he was pursuing her long-term, it was because she was giving him signals.

Her mother says that she said she felt she “had no choice” but to publicly humiliate him just days before the shooting. She may have felt she had no choice, I have no idea what women feel nor am I particularly interested in knowing. However, she did have the choice of simply telling him, straight-up without emotion or innuendo, in PRIVATE: “look, I’m just not interested, there are other girls who might be, but there’s another guy I like and it’s not you, so please just leave me alone.”

If she genuinely felt that this didn’t work – it would work, on virtually any man – she then could have asked a teacher or guidance counselor to speak to him. I am not saying that I agree with that option or think it would be necessary, but it would clearly be another obvious alternative to publicly humiliating him.

The only reason she would publicly humiliate him would be to assert dominance over a white man for her own sadistic enjoyment, which is the national sport of all women in modern society.

Will Women Change Their Behavior Because of This?

That is a rhetorical question.

Women will always indulge themselves to whatever extent society allows them to indulge themselves, without ever considering the consequences.

“Hey, if I publicly emasculate this man for my own enjoyment, he might kill me” is no more likely to enter a woman’s mind than “maybe I shouldn’t run from this cop” is likely to enter a black man’s mind.

The Best School Shooter Narrative

“Scorned suiter” is the best possible school shooter narrative.

We always hope these don’t get blamed on the Alt-Right, because that makes us look insane and also could lead to further crackdowns on us. We always hope they are leftists, because it makes that side look bad.

But this isn’t political, and yet the semi-political narrative being asserted makes the left look bad too, as they try to blame white men for being angry over feminism. There is no white man who – whether he consciously knows it or not – is not angry over feminism, so portraying men who rebel against it as potentially violent psychos is a worthless narrative.

And in people’s minds, there is a seed planted with regards to the fact that maybe something not-so-good is going on in high schools. Maybe our boys are having a hard time. And maybe that is something that we should be discussing.

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