Why You Need to Boycott Mafia III: New Political Video Game Instructs Blacks to Murder Whites

Eric Striker
Daily Stormer
October 2, 2016

Screenshot from Mafia III Wow, this is pushing the envelope, never seen Southerners, Italians, and Klansman portrayed as the context-less bad guy before. Let me guess, will there also be a scene where the protagonist fucks their white bimbo daughter, and the cuckold game player can control the whole scene with his control? Expect it from these cutting edge game creators.

Wow, this is pushing the envelope, never seen Southerners, Italians, and Klansmen portrayed as the irredeemable bad guy before (however, pedophiles and murderers can be redeemed in movies). Let me guess, will there also be a scene where the protagonist fucks their white bimbo daughter, and the cuckold game player can control the whole scene with his control? Expect it from these cutting edge game creators.

2K Games will be releasing a new installment in the Mafia franchise on October 7th, but the content within it is radically different. I haven’t played video games in a long time (although I remember the original Mafia for PC being a memorable masterpiece) and have little interest in them, but I have been seeing more and more people complaining about this venue for entertainment men have traded in cable and televised sports for becoming a vehicle for agitation and social manipulation just like everything else. The game is painting to be a turd with stink lines already becoming visible even when putting aside its message, since the publisher is refusing to give reviewers advanced copies–unusual and against the industry standard. This fear is probably unfounded, because the political content of the game will ensure it gets stellar reviews from the usual corporate entities regardless of its merits (they also want white people to buy it for themselves and their kids not knowing what it is).

2K Games, whose CEO is the Yeshiva University graduate David Ismailer, has in recent years taken to using its franchises to push extreme Cultural Marxist ideas. The company’s strategy is to build a following with games that are interesting or novel (Mafia, Borderlands, Bioshock), and then hire new people to direct sequels with Jewy political messages (Ken Levine’s Bioshock Infinite, Borderlands Pre-Sequel) given unusually high and inflated reviews in the video game press. One of the last games I played was Bioshock Infinite after reading so many good things about it (some were calling it the best game ever made). To say it’s overrated is the understatement of the century.

Haden Blackman. Jew or not? Tough to tell.

Haden Blackman. Jew or not? Tough to tell. He does give off a strong Rumplestiltskin vibe though…

For Mafia III, the Czech company that developed the second game was sidelined by 2K for Hangar 13 Games, a studio led by Haden Blackman. Personal details on Blackman are scarce, so I will not say he is Jewish without proof. With that said, Blackman’s last project of note was a comic book reboot of Batwoman , who is literally a Jewish feminist lesbian (what possible percentage of the 11 to 15 year olds who read comics can identify with this trash, .001%? It’s obviously not meant to be profitable). Blackman could very well be a Jew, but it is also possible he is just a cynical high IQ Goy who has figured out that when you promote certain types of agendas, you are showered with publicity, job offers, money and awards from above. In the mind of a nerd like this that means it inches him closer to losing his virginity. Blackman even made a big spectacle and pulled the plug on Batwoman because his superiors wanted him to push the faggot shit subtly instead of what he wanted to do, which was to hold a tween girl’s nose and funnel it down her throat.

According to this gameplay demonstration by Blackman himself, the main character in Mafia III is a black Vietnam vet who comes of age in some non-existent historical entity (other than a low level 80’s street gang using the name) known as the “Black Mafia”. In this fantasy world, the pimps on the street of New Orleans are white guys, and the organized crime on the Bayou is controlled by a syndicate composed of an alliance of Italian mobsters and Southern Klansmen who racketeer, sell drugs, and (judging from the video) murder blacks just because they’re black. The brilliant and heroic black man, Lincoln Clay, reclaims white technology stolen from his ancestors and outsmarts, outwits, and dominates the greasy dense WOPs and stupidly yet vicious toothless rednecks who hypocritically sexually abuse black women (that Clay saves from the exploitive grasp of the white devil) in what the game’s creators admit is a highly political plot specifically intended to racially inflame blacks against whites . After Blackman, the stories lead writer is somebody named Bill Harms, and looking at Harms picture, I think you can safely predict what kind of themes the game will employ:

William Harms

William Harms

For this reason, it’s time to hit these Jews in the shekels and for whites to boycott this game. Use the money and time you’d waste on it to do something constructive, like lift weights, read a book, or hit on a girl you like.

I already hear the conservative Sargon of Akkad types chirping “You sound just like the Social Justice Warriors, you whiner!”. The difference between me and a Social Justice Warrior is that the latter complain/lie about things that don’t exist in order to promote the system, while (completely one-sided) black vs white violent racial tension is right now at the highest point since the 1960’s, making this stuff really insidious. Every little thing Jews concoct in the press and entertainment industry for blacks sets them off to go out to riot and murder or assault random white people on the street (Jews, not blacks, create this crap), and while violent content with racially charged agitation sewed in has a negligible effect on real life behavior when white people see it, blacks have a very different psychology and little self-restraint as a group.

One example is the 1977 exploitation film “Fight For Your Life” by the Kike William Mishkin. The film is about a racist white Southerner who invades a Cosby-like black family’s home to torture, rapes and racially abuse them. The film had to be edited and re-released in black neighborhoods because blacks would watch it and start rioting . The majority of interracial home invasions of the type portrayed in Fight for Your Life are blacks attacking whites, but because negroes are dumb and Jews go out of their way to not just cover up race-crime facts but invert reality, it creates fertile ground for chimpouts.

In other words, I’m not calling for whites to boycott Mafia III because it has a black protagonist (San Andreas did too, and it was a great game for the most part because it portrayed reality), but rather because in it , Jews are teaching blacks that Italians and Southerners (what a coincidence, the two groups that live nearest to blacks in the US) are their context-less enemy and need to be brutally murdered because all whites are guilty of something. It’s the least we can do until we’re in a position to surgically remove every single noxious skype from deforming our cultural and political life with the intent to murder us.