White Woman Recovering After Negress Hurls Concrete at Her and Steals Car

June 15, 2015

Rajanae Walker wanted to go see her brother, so she threw chunks of concrete at a White woman and then stole her car.

A Kansas City waitress is recovering from an attack on the West Plaza in which she says a woman stole her car by lobbing a piece of concrete from the curb along the sidewalk.

She said it all started with two women asking for gas money, then those women attacked when they got no for an answer.

Rajanae Walker, 17, who lists an address in south Kansas City, is now charged with first-degree accessory to robbery. A police statement submitted in support of the charge says Walker told them, “She needed a car to go see her 14-year-old brother, so she took one from a white lady on the Plaza.”

The two victims called for help at 11:30 p.m. on Thursday.

The charging documents detail the victims’ accounts as follows: Samantha Nofsinger-Smith was dropping off a co-worker, Jamie Murphy, at a condo complex after finishing their work shift. Two women got out of a car with what looked like two to three other people inside. The women asked for gas money and to borrow a cell phone.

Nofsinger-Smith and Murphy declined.

That’s when one woman grabbed Murphy by the ponytail and began kicking and punching her while the second demanded her purse. Soon after, the second robber picked up a piece of concrete from a damaged curb and threw it at Nofsinger-Smith, hitting her in the shoulder.

The robber then punched and kicked her while demanding her car keys, with the victim gave up. Two men in the area heard the victims screaming and scared off the two robbers. The first got into the car she arrived in and drove away. The second drove away in Nofsinger-Smith’s car.

At 11:34 p.m. police spotted Nofsinger-Smith’s stolen car at Cleaver II Boulevard and Highway 71. They stopped the car and arrested the Walker, who was the only one inside. The victims were unable to identify her in a lineup.

Police said Walker waived her Miranda rights Friday morning and admitted to taking the car, but denied the physical assault and did not give enough information to identify the second suspect.

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