White Woman Prays for Vengeance Against Gormless Blacks

NY Post
June 25, 2015

Robert Reichl was sprayed in the face with pepper spray on a roof top, then left to stumble blind to his death two hours later.

The sister of a man pepper-sprayed and pickpocketed before fatally plunging off a Brooklyn rooftop spat a parting shot at his robbers just before they were hit with 15-year sentences Friday.

“I pray the screams of my brother crying out in the darkness . . . with the sounds of his body splattering down will haunt you forever,” Ingrid Reichl told Keston Jones and Ruben Santiago, who were convicted last month of robbing a drunken Robert Reichl, 50, on the Sunset Park roof in 2013.

The gormless expression on the accused’s faces tells you all you need to know about whether they showed any remorse for the killing.

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