White Woman Goes on “Racist Rant” in Store, Deemed Crazy by “Hero” Liberal

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November 29, 2016


Remember children, you can only attack Trump supporters

The shitlibs are at it again.

This time with one of the most ridiculous attempts I’ve ever seen of trying to push the agenda that all white Trump supporters are racist and crazy.


Liberals are only fighting you because of your intolerance

It started with this video.

Take note: The woman is ALREADY angry at the start of the video. There is no proof as to what took place before the self-loathing shitlib started filming.

Look at what this WHITE woman did. Look at this racist WHITE woman. Crazy WHITE woman goes on RACIST rant.

It started when the slut Jessie Grady, who couldn’t mind her own business, decided to make her young child stand there unnecessarily and listen to the argument, just so that she could get her fifteen minutes of fame and be seen as a hero.

One problem with this video though: it’s a ‘shortened’ version. Nobody actually has evidence to suggest that this woman got angry for no reason at all.

Daily Mail:

A white shopper at a Chicago department store was caught on video throwing what has been described as a racially charged tantrum after accusing two African-American employees of discriminating against her because she had voted for Donald Trump.

The incident took place Wednesday evening at a Michaels store in the Lakeview section of Chicago and was captured by another customer, Jessie Grady, who then shared the footage on YouTube, where as of Monday afternoon it has been viewed more than 181,000 times.

I’m confused because I watched the entire clip and not once did I hear anything come out of that woman’s mouth that was racist.

Jessie Grady had just gone through the checkout line at Michaels and paused at the exit to show her 2-year-old daughter a Christmas ornament when she witnessed the other shopper, a young woman in a dark puffer jacket, checkered scarf and rain boots, launch into a ’30-minute racist rant,’ which involved yelling, swearing and ‘repeated references to the fact that employees were African American.’

If making reference to somebody’s race is an act of racism, then why is everybody making it as clear as possible that a WHITE woman went on a rant? Why not ‘Crazy Woman Rants in Store’ ?

Later on in the video the woman repeatedly calls the store manager an ‘animal.’

But how exactly is this racist? Are shitlibs admitting that they think black people look like animals?

Grady later launched a GoFundMe campaign titled ‘Stand Strong Against Racism’ to raise money for a Michaels manager, described as a mother of three, who was yelled at by the white pro-Trump shopper.


Shitlibs are so Jewish that they try to scam money whenever possible.


What makes the white woman think that the black employee needs money? Racist much.

Liberals are so stupid they’d give a woman $12,905 despite the fact that there is zero evidence as to what took place prior to this camera rolling.

They most likely emptied their wallets because the oppressed liberals tried to make the Trump supporter look bad by manipulatively pointing out that the employee’s father had died.

Because she’s automatically supposed to know that.


Buy Goyim, her father died. Don’t you feel sorry for her?

So what actually happened? Why is this woman so upset? What made her get angry?

Going by the video, the story is that the employee attempted to sell her a $1 bag because the other bags they had were not big enough for all of her items.

The lady made it clear (despite the employee pushing her to buy the bag) that she did not want to buy it, and that she is fine with them putting all of her items in smaller bags.

The employee apparently made a big deal out of it and threw her items on the counter, refused to ring her up and then under her breath made a comment about ‘voting for Trump.’

Is it really that hard to imagine taking place?


Liberal Fact: Black people are incapable of ever being guilty

How come nobody called the faggot a liar when he claimed that the store owner made the following remark: ‘oh, that explains it now. The faggot that voted for Hillary,’ when he found out he was gay?


White Privilege: Not being allowed to call people out on their BS

If you listen to the exchange at the beginning of the video, the customer says ‘I’m being discriminated against!‘ and follows it up with ‘oh, I SHOULD be discriminated against?

What was said to her to get that sort of response?

Too bad the shitlib filming was filming from half across the store, so we can’t actually hear what the employee was saying.

The angry customer in the video makes it clear that the store manager didn’t do anything about the employee yelling at her, and that she herself started yelling at her.

The dindu store manager continuously protests the customers claim and says that she did not yell at her, she then asks the lady to stop swearing, even though she is in fact not swearing. 

The customer makes reference to how Trump supporters have been physically abused, and asks the fellow shoppers if they’re going to beat her up now that they know she voted for him.

People are finally getting sick and tired of being bullied by left-wingers. They are finally starting to making their presence known and will no longer be shamed for their ideologies.

Emperor Trump becoming President has given a lot of conservatives a voice and a reason to feel confident.

Reality is that things are changing and leftists are getting scared.


Watchu gonna do about it shitlib?

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  1. Giving $12,000 to a nigger, people are so retarded.

    I wonder what it’s like being in the mind of a liberal, getting triggered by niggers getting their feelings hurt and siding with foreign scum over your own people.

  2. She’s awesome, women can be warriors for the cause. I’m sure some of you remember this awesome woman who has since disappeared from the scene, but she was a one woman wrecking machine:

  3. I’m positive that $12,000 will be wisely spent on KFC, McDonald’s, a new weave, several bags of weed and a few 40oz bottles of Olde English.

  4. Not this… we must rub it in their face, confront them, help make them suicidal. This is war

  5. iAmBob says:

    Pay attention to what happens beginning around the 4:30 mark. The cashier or manager or whoever the fuck keeps talking over the customer.

    This is what SJW’s and shitlibs do. They’ll talk over you just to piss you off so you’ll talk (or shout) louder. Then they can pretend to be the poow widdle victim. This customer chick knows the score, she kept her wits about her fairly well (considering).

    In a customer service situation, the manager (or whoever) usually won’t talk over you. They’ll tell you gently to calm down and they’ll use a soft, slow tone of voice to change the pace of the conversation.

    This customer chick is probably telling the 100% truth.

  6. Clearly a woman who is FED UP with niggers and nigger behavior.

    Do we have any doubt that the sheboon did exactly what the White woman relates here, i.e. scream from across the store because the woman requested bags, and that that is what set off this White who is tired of encountering third-world African jungle behavior in the middle of the United States of America?

  7. Speaking of GoFundMe, we should be setting up fake fundraisers for events like this before shitlibs are able to, so we can donate the proceeds to DailyStormer.

  8. I was going to write in the comments “The Saxon has woken up” but the comments were disabled, and the description read “I have closed the comments because hate shouldn’t be spread” or something to that effect. I surmise we were BTFO of this video in the comment section, and pointing out the hypocrisy and fallacies, and defending this brave woman, but the uploader couldn’t have any of that.

    We are awake, and we are winning. HAIL VICTORY!

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