White Woman Beaten to Death in Front of 4-Year-Old by Black Ex-Boyfriend

June 7, 2015

Amanda Baird was murdered on her 33rd birthday.

The yellow tape and the toys outside of a home on Hertford street in southeast Houston, hint to the tragedy behind closed doors.

Tuesday morning, police said 33-year-old Amanda Baird was murdered and friends believe it happened right in front of her 4 year old-child.

“I found the baby. The baby is the one who opened the door and let me in,” said TK King, the victim’s roommate.

“I’m so worried about the baby at this point, because of what she went through and what she saw.”

King told KHOU she had called 911 after getting to the home and finding Amanda unconscious.

“I can’t get the picture out of my mind,” said King.

Paramedics tried to revive her, but Amanda died at Ben Taub Hospital from blunt force trauma.

Untitled 1
Amanda with her 4-year-old offspring.

“I just wish she was still here with me,” said King.

Witnesses told police that Amanda had been arguing with her ex-boyfriend. He was not there when officers arrived though.

Baird’s friend Jennifer Lester showed us text messages she said are from Baird from the night before.

In one message, she asked Baird if her ex-boyfriend had been physical. The reply from Baird was: “Yes. I’m ok.”

“I actually was fearing the worst. I told her last night come to my house,” said Lester.

Tuesday, Amanda was supposed to celebrate her 33rd birthday and instead, friends and family mourn her death.

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