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  1. We should set up an apology web site which takes bitcoin

    How sorry are you about
    1. Slavery
    2. Micro agressions
    3. Killing of blacks
    4. Discrimination

    Please select your guilt level

    $10, $100, $500

    Donations to the Daily Stormer fund for peace and friendship...

  2. If you REALLY want to atone for your privilege, you can do it by hanging yourself.

  3. Sisu says:

    AA, that looks like a dot matrix printer in the background, probably an Okidata.

  4. If it wasn't for us Equatorial Guinea wouldn't even have fucking trains.

    They still fucking eat each other after we left.

  5. this traitors of the race must be hanged first of all

  6. Me? I like to keep a stern face..
    Because THIS AIN'T NO GAME.

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