White Marijuana Dealer Murdered by Young Black Primitive

June 23, 2015

Jacob Shadrick was murdered by savages intent on robbing him.

Okla- Tulsa Police has issued an arrest warrant for a suspect in connection to the shooting death of a man that took place early Tuesday morning.

Authorities say Jerrick (Rico) Washington, 18, is wanted for the murder and robbery of 31-year-old Jacob Shadrick.

Officials have already interviewed and arrested Brandy Jordan, 23, and Xavier Jordan, 22, on charges for murder in the first degree.

TPD received a call of a break-in at 3711 N Quaker around 2:00 a.m. When officers arrived on scene they found the Shadrick shot dead in an upstairs bedroom.

derrick washington wanted
Jerrick Washington has an arrest warrant out for him.

Police say Shadrick was known to sell marijuana in the complex and believe this is what caused him to become the target of several thefts.

The three suspects intentions were to break-in the apartment and rob the victim.

They attempted to kick-in the back and front door, before breaking out a rear window, gaining access into the apartment.

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