White-Looking Doll Preaches Koran to Young Girls

Joe Jones
Daily Stormer
September 12, 2017

The reason why little kids like dolls and other toys that look like them is because they recognize it as similar to themselves and will implant in them an idea of what they should want to be.

White boys will play with toys that are symbols of traditional White masculinity, if given the choice.

Likewise, White girls will play with dolls that are symbols of traditional White femininity, again if given the choice.

This doll does that (with the obvious exception of the desert cult speak) by being designed like a pretty White woman who is well dressed and modest.

Even by the admission of the creator, it was designed as an indoctrination tool for her daughter. If this becomes widespread, which is the plan, it will serve to turn our women into Moslem-lovers – even more than they already are.