White ISIS Fighters Head Home, Say It was All a Misunderstanding

Patrik Fridén
Daily Stormer
June 10, 2016

White people in ISIS must literally be the worst scum of our race.

Many of them are now deciding it ain’t worth dying for their Haji warlords, and suddenly coming crawling back home, trying to make people feel sorry for them.

The reason is that ISIS is losing, and these laughably pathetic creatures want to be on the winning side.

They believed the Jewish media lies about Islam, that it is strong and virile, on the rise in the West. But they have had enough doses of reality.

Well do we want them back?

Have some lulz looking at these losers:

“It’s this big. That’s why I need a sex slave.”


“I tried the John Lennon look for chicks, didn’t work. Must. Have. Sex. Slave.”

“I have troubles getting laid, being a very unique snow flake. Maybe if I start an Islamist choir…”

All of these men deserve a free haircut and a complimentary shower. Nothing more.

Daily Mail:

‘I’m a jihadist, get me out of here,’ would appear to be the cry from disillusioned Westerners who joined Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL) in the Middle East and who are now – in increasing numbers – pleading with their respective governments to help them return home,

‘Some have turned up at diplomatic missions in Turkey and others have sent furtive messages to their governments seeking assistance in escaping from territory the extremist group controls in neighboring Syria,’ reported The Wall Street Journal, citing Western diplomats and a Syrian network set up to help defectors.

Worlds Smallest Violin

“This isn’t what I signed up for”


Not enough sex slaves or is it just the lack of bacon and beer that is ill suited for you?

Defectors from the West have pleaded succour from the countries and the families on whom they turned their backs as ISIS is reportedly losing territory and manpower in both Iraq and Syria.
Pro-Islamic fighters are also facing a new assault from American-backed armed forces and the Russian-allied regime of Syrian dictator, Bashar al-Assad.

‘Father, help me,’ a female teenager from Europe allegedly wrote to her father in a text message around six months ago. ‘I want to get out. But I now have a small child.’

The girl had travelled to Raqqa, Syria – ISIS’ de facto capital – in 2013 to join up with the hardline organisation.

Girl, once you go black… What am I saying?

This is a seriously heart-breaking case for some hardcore feminists to rally around.

So where are they?


“Just stay put and be a sex slave to that Haji. You Go Girl!”

The Jewish Agenda of course states that non-Whites and their religions outmatches any type of White ‘minority’ rights like those of women or gays. So there you have it, women of ISIS, the Agenda is for you to stay.

Your concerns are all racist.

Don’t do racism. M’key?

‘The overall number of Westerners who joined the Islamic State in Syria and Iraq and then returned home is unknown, but Western officials have said several a hundred fighters have come back to Europe,’ said The Wall Street Journal.

ISIS does not take kindly to people defecting from its ranks, meting out harsh punishments – such as decapitations – to those caught trying to abandon the cause.

In November 2015, the House Committee on Homeland Security warned that members of ISIS and other like-minded groups are ‘determined to infiltrate Syrian refugee flows’ into the United States and other Western countries.

President Barack Obama, however, has continued to allow increasing numbers of Syrian refugees into the United States.

In September 2015, the same committee reported that at least ‘several dozen’ American ISIS fighters (an exact figure was not given) were able to sneak back into the United States without being arrested or put under surveillance.


“It’s cuz we be hidin’ like ninjaz.”

I mean seriously, this is only hard for a cucked country with cucked law enforcement.

Give Nazis a try and it will be dealt with and over by the end of the month.

decom_trump thor_02_56d0718992c58

Make America Thule Again!

According to a report released in March by the liberal Centre for American Progress (CAP) think tank, based in the American capital of Washington DC, ‘An estimated 27,000 to 31,000 foreign fighters from at least 86 countries have travelled to Syria and Iraq to fight with the Islamic State and other extremist groups.

‘Around 4,250 of these foreign fighters are European and a further 250 are American.’

And when (((they))) say “European” you can be sure that in 90% of those cases they are talking about “returning” Hajis.

At the end of the day, it is not a religious problem, but a race problem.