White Identity Exists

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December 31, 2015

There seems to be some criticism on some sectors of the alt-right, or if not the alt-right per se, individuals that are to the right of cucks, about White nationalism on the basis that there is no White nation or identity.

The main argument, they claim, is that historically there has been no such thing as “White culture” or “White identity”. There is, they say, “German culture”, “Irish culture”, etc. Whites have never been a single bloc and have gladly killed and enslaved each other for centuries.

I will show that such arguments are not only wrong—worse, they’re irrelevant.

Atomistic Fallacies

So first of all, if you’re so eager to say that there’s no White identity/culture/nation because what actually exists is German, Irish, Scottish etc. culture then I have to ask you what makes you think that there are such cultures too? The South of Germany is deeply Catholic, while the North is Protestant, and the two have very different cultures. The people in the Scottish Lowlands are very different from those of the Highlands, southern Italians are basically Third Worlders to the northerners, and don’t even get me started with those fucking Catalonians in Spain.

So why is it that you’re OK with saying there’s a German culture and people when, clearly, there’s no such thing? There are only Bavarians, Ostfrieslanders, people from the Han Stadts, etc. We could further divide this and say that the people from West Bavaria are not the same as East Bavarians. Or that there are some very different villages inside West Bavaria and that it’s not accurate to use West Bavaria as an umbrella term to include them. Just keep going until you reach the point where there are only individuals and society is not real.

Common Threads to all Whites

Here, let’s play a game. Tell me what city is the following picture from?


How about this one?


And this one?


Did your mind go anywhere other than a European country? I’m betting it didn’t. In any case, whatever you guessed you were wrong. The first picture is from Buenos Aires, Argentina, the second one from Valparaíso, Chile, and the third one from Montevideo, Uruguay.

OK, last one. No tricks:


Paris, right? Nope. Buenos Aires again. Sorry.

But what’s the point of all this? The point is to show you that those “clear” cultural and ethnic lines you’re so eager to hold over a common White identity are not really that clear; that intra-European mixing like it occurred in the Americas produces European people and European things that are indistinguishable from those of the progenitors; and that this happens because there is a common thread to all of us. Germans, Italians and Frenchmen can go to an Iberian colony and within a couple of generations be completely assimilated. Same with Anglo colonies.

Arguing like an SJW

I’m not trying to commit the continuum fallacy here. We do draw lines, but the places where we do are somewhat arbitrary. So why draw them in the exact same way our enemies do? Why are you so eager to agree with an argument wielded by SJWs as a weapon against us when you have historical, cultural and genetic arguments not to do so?

Nothing to gain by arguing against White Identity

What can we possibly gain by arguing there’s no common White anything? Keeping up some historical consistency for its own sake? Our (((enemies))) and their low-IQ bioweapons certainly don’t care. Do you think a BLM blacktivist cares that your family came to the US from Ostfriesland after the Civil War and therefore didn’t own and had no intention of owning slaves? No! You’re an accomplice to systemic White racism and the exploitation of Blacks and minorities everywhere, and you owe him some gibs. So why the fuck are you insisting on further dividing White people when we are being attacked as a bloc? They are coming for all of us. Saying that Norway wasn’t a colonial power and therefore committed no crimes won’t save you. This is a war against Whites, not against ‘Germans’ and ‘Britons’ and ‘Swedes’. It’s against all of us at the same time.

We are the sons of postmodernism

Listen, your commitment to historical consistency is stupid and pointless. Yes, Whites killed and enslaved each other for centuries. Yes, there were rivalries and there wasn’t a clear common identity. But we are all children of postmodernism, like it or not. We’ve had our history and identity erased and it has been with great effort that some of us are finally starting to regain our pasts. By erasing our past they erased all that historical bickering too. We are at a point where we can simply move past all the blood feuds and re-construct our European identities with what unites us as the base. Why go against that?

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