White Fortresses #1: White People Make the World Go Round, Not Money

The Ranger
Daily Stormer
July 2, 2015


The following is the foundational philosophy, ideological template and general policies for White Fortress-Areas. Seeing as the likelihood of catastrophic demographics is an increasing reality, it is a commentary as to the mindset our race must adopt and reacquaint ourselves with in order for the more practical day to day Fortress considerations to be a success before and during the preparatory, activation and maintenance stages that must take place now and in the future. To that end the following foundational ideology and general guiding principles were prompted.

The most important resource is not health, weapons, land, food, a castle, petrol, fitness, money or gold. The most important resource and asset we have, is what it has always been – people.

As a lone individual you may possess all the above, but if you do not know and are not part of a community of like minded people, then all the above will be taken from you by a larger group of people when the times of savagery come, or as is the case now, the ongoing stealth genocide, we are living it and we must take action now. It is vital you are part of a community of people who are of the same mind. You must begin the process of “White Fortressing” now, which is to say Area-Reclamation and Fortification. The aim of this is to connect with and live in communities of people who have the same mindset and belief systems and will take action to defend their people and area.

People must begin to build networks and build their finances now in order to get real estate. It is time to jettison any reticence. Whether the demographics improve or not, does not matter, this is a good idea regardless. Whites should now start seeing themselves as part of a family. You are related by blood and your blood is being hunted, targeted for destruction. Those who have a network of real, solid dependable people, are those who can survive and go on to try to forge a future for their kind. Those who don’t, are dead, and their demise may not be quick but may be a long and harassed tortuous affair.

Racially aware folk who are near to each other, need to meet, organise and see if groups can form and coalesce. The idea is to get money, lots of it, and buy real estate. Ideally living near or in the same streets, or acquire land and buy up more property that forms definite areas inhabited by the group. This should be the long term goal.

As strategic planning progresses and enters into acquisition and deployment phase, you need to concurrently implement the adage ‘Be Prepared.’ You need to prepare plans and contingencies in order to be ready to survive and defend yourself as if at war or being hunted. The reality is you are at war and you are being hunted. Prepare yourself, your personal dwelling place and the whole Fortress-Area itself.

The primary and sustained long term main goal while we have some window of calm and time, needs to be networking and wealth accumulation. We need a well run, well organized and reserved network of people who go about their ordinary daily business without fuss or show, but quietly working individually or in groups at their own wealth creation, while their strategic objectives are in concert with other known racially aware members, to create Fortress-Areas, effectively resulting in an organized connection of areas within each country that form de facto White Nations within our occupied country’s and states.

Solid reliable friendships, connections and networks need to be formed. Make ties or working relationships that are genuine, reliable and dependable bonds, strong bonds that are seen in close family, because that is what you are. You don’t have to like the other person many people in armies don’t but still are part of the fight against their enemy and defeat. Whether you like it or not we are being attacked as if we were a family, as if we were an enemy that has the very strong bonds of a close family. Our enemy sees us as the greatest threat to them, they understand the familial and racial strength of our once strong blood loyalities, the formidable White intellect, and intra-racial competitiveness, which makes Whites stronger to face racial enemies. The most powerful of our enemies know we are a threat to them when we approach the universe in that blood bound manner.

The enemy knows the family unit cell and building block is our great strength and their great weakness and has sought to destroy our old familial, fraternal, local, national and racial bonds. We must nurture, restore the bonds of blood, look out for each other, you are each others flesh and blood. We must regain the state of mind, of being, where we are selfless, wanting the best for your fellow family member and begin quietly forming such Fortress-Home areas. Beware of ego, it has it’s place, as a driving and energizing force, but as with all such potent forces, ego is needed in only small doses and then securely stowed, otherwise it divides and conquers us from within without any leftists, traitors or Jewish beasts, we will be our own undoing with unbridled ego.

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