White Female Principal Wins Case of Racial Discrimination by Blacks

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
September 24, 2015


This wouldn’t have happened if it was a male White instead of a female White.

Just saying.

Still a major victory though.


A federal jury has awarded more than $370,000 in damages to a white school principal who alleged black administrators racially targeted her and created a hostile work environment that forced her to resign.

The Natchez Democrat reports that the jury on Friday found administrators at the Natchez-Adams County School District discriminated against Cindy Idom.

The jury — composed of three black women, two black men and three white men — awarded Idom $371,737 in compensatory damages.

Incidentally, if it would have been more Whites, she probably would have lost.

Think about that for a minute.

During testimony, Idom and former black administrators testified district officials targeted white principals with higher scrutiny than black principals and badgered white principals.

“I just thank these jurors for righting a wrong,” Idom said afterward.

Idom’s attorney Ken Adcock said the verdict sends a message. “There was a policy and a practice of race discrimination in the Natchez-Adams County School District,” he said. “Hopefully this sets a pattern for change.”

Strangely, I missed the Twitter campaign for this woman.

But I’m sure she’ll be invited to the White House promptly.

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