White Boomer Tells Sheboons to Stop Fighting in Street, Head Ape Suckerpunches Him

Charles Martel
Daily Stormer
August 3, 2019

Hasn’t this man ever watched Animal Planet?

You’re not supposed to interfere with nature!

If you see two negro sows fighting for dominance in the street, you just let them go at it – even if it’s happening on your street.

Pulling over and threatening to call the cops on the whole pack will just lead to the obvious happening.


Marvin Sprowl thought he’d take his motorcycle for one last ride Tuesday before selling it. Instead, he ended up with a concussion, bruises, and bleeding from his head.

The 62-year-old Sprawl said he was trying to pull out of his driveway when he saw two women fighting in the street in front of him.

“I said you gotta stop this crap or I’m going to call the cops,” Sprowl said.

He said that’s when two men confronted him.

“Two guys came up. One on the left one on the right, and the one on the left said call the cops huh? I said just clear the way. Something happened to me and I went down. I blacked out. The bikes on me. There’s blood on my hands. ‘What’s this blood on my hands?’ and then I got kicked,” he explained.

Within hours of the incident, a video was posted on social media.

It appears to show the moment he was hit. We’ve reached out to the man who shot the video and other witnesses but have not received any response.

Sprowl watched it for the first time Wednesday as our camera rolled. In the video, you see an oxygen tank on Sprowl’s bike.

“I’m on oxygen. I’m on blood thinners. I have a heart condition, so I posed no threat to these people,” Sprowl said.

His son Kyle and his girlfriend, Amanda Whisman, saw the video online and grew angry. They quickly discovered others were upset too.

“As soon as I went back to the source of the person who shared that video, I had people contacting me left and right,” Amanda Whisman said.

Fort Wayne police tell us they’re still investigating and that no one has been charged at this point.

Marvin Sprowl.

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  1. Boomers just can’t understand the world they made, can they?

  2. This boomer twat is still listening to Ebony and Ivory.

  3. HarleyWaffen is our least effective division.

  4. He thought he was in one of those old American movies where when the old man rolls up on a fight and says knock it off, everybody scatters. Sorry pops, that’s all over.

  5. I lol’d when he pulled up on his boomermobile

  6. Bon says:

    Or call the cops…

    Michigan to Pass Law Banning Whites From Calling Police on Blacks!

  7. Boomer 60’s retard, believing in peace and love man, just create some dialogue and I am so enlightened and cool man they will listen to me… bam!

  8. No, they cannot. They are next to jews the most self-centered and the least self-aware people ever.

  9. Fatass boomer on oxygen needs to shut his gaping maw and mind his own business. Guaranteed he pushed to ‘free’ these apes in the first place. When I delivered pizza in my late teens, nosy fat boomers called the cops on me for ‘suspicious behavior’ like driving slowly (to look at house numbers pre-accurate GPS), stopping in front of houses, etc., so many times that they ended up sending 4 cars when I waited in a residential neighborhood to have a nap until there were orders. Thought with all the prior complaints that I was a dealer or stalker or something.

    Imagine wanting to play hero then whining about muh heart condition.

  10. "I posed no threat to these people,” Sprowl said.

    “I’m going to call the cops,” Sprowl said.

    Typical boomer… still refuses to acknowledge actions have consequences

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