What the Fuck is a Neon-Nazi?

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 27, 2018

Many retards, assholes and autistic people have recently confronted me on the street and at the grocery store like “yo Anglin, what the fuck is a neon-nazi?”

And I’m like “whoa there bud, slow it down a bit there, pal.” And then I say: “the simplest answer to that would be ‘I am’.”

But of course, simple answers are rarely satisfying to the stupid.

They want complex explanations, as they only feel satisfied when the answer is complicated enough that they can’t understand it. This is, to them, confirmation of the explanation’s legitimacy.

So let’s start at the beginning.

The first neon-nazi was the Aryan Superhuman Zach Morris.

His struggle was the eternal struggle that we all know:

Overcoming a greasy spic immigrant who was trying to sell drugs and rape women.

Keeping down an uppity negress who was always in his face.

Trying to fuck the hottest, sluttiest bitch on the block.

And of course, combating the trickery of the eternal demon Jew.

In the end, he deports the spic, slapped around the negress and forced her into slavery, gassed the kike…

And fucked the slut.

This is the eternal archetypal tale of the True Aryan Hero’s Quest.

This ancient Germanic myth, allegedly foretold by the mythical folk hero and elven wizard Varg Vikernes, served as the inspiration for the esoteric works of Julius Evola.

This hero’s tale was then resurrected when weev was for some reason made the main character in a synthwave video game which put a modern 1980s spin on the classic 1990s tale.

The soundtrack was determined to be the future of the white racial agenda.

So you see, nothing in life is simple.

There are no easy explanations for what things mean.

Some things, when you try to explain them, simply confuse you more than the person you are trying to explain them to.

Thankfully, this is not one of those things.

Zack Morris is the hero we all seek to be.

That is the core truth of neon-nazi esoteric ascentism.

A neon-nazi is anyone who seeks to embody to core of this core truth.

Anyone who seeks to become like Zack Morris.

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  1. I’m going to bed.

  2. Ramza says:

    Zack Morris didn’t have a dad. Therefore, according to deductive reasoning, Zack Morris is a nigger. Played by a kike. Childhood ruined.

  3. Damn, and I always thought this was a Neon Nazi


    BTW, Happy Epilepty Day, Kike Eichenwald…

  4. Weird Anglin is best Anglin. Mein sides!

  5. Addendum: A lady I know ask me to send out this song request to AA

  6. You might be on to something actually. Pretending to be of Jewish ancestry is common amongst certain whites in certain fields, like school or trying to break into Hymie-weird. I’ll tell ya tho, it doesn’t work that well because Jews have Jew-dar. We may not always be able to tell, but they can! Man, all the Jewish girls in the gifted classes hated me, and I was just a normie, pro-Israel, pro-gun, pro-life conservative who was against racism because I was a libertarian! It didn’t matter tho. They knew me before I knew myself. Now start up the ovens! :):sunglasses:

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