What Makes Anti-Nationalists Tick?

George Papailias
Daily Stormer
June 1, 2016


Sure they are stupid, but there is more to it than that.

Being a Nationalist today is certainly not an easy lifestyle. The subject of foreign invaders or international usury is often talked about among ourselves. The subject that isn’t discussed as often is the “Anti-Nationalists” among us. The ones of our own ethnic/racial background. The reason why I refer to them as “Anti-Nationalists” is because that term is more broad. All Traitors and Leftists are “Anti-Nationalists” but so are people who simply believe we are morally wrong.

In this article I will examine the different types of “Anti-Nationalists” among us. There are some who are outright enemies and some who are not.  But to understand all of them,  one must first understand the concept of what is called “Παράδειγμα” (Paradima).

This is translated into English as “Paradigm.” It is a word not well converted into an English definition so I will use a real world example:

There is a man with his two small kids riding a subway train. The train is crowded and the man sits staring into the distance while his kids run wildly up and down the train car annoying the other passengers.

The passengers begin to stare at the father, angrily judging him to be a bad parent not controlling his kids. This goes on and on until one passenger gets up and confronts the father who continues to stare into the distance, seemingly uninterested.

The passenger angrily says “Hey! Get control of your kids!“… To which the father of the kids replies looking sad and apologetic… “I’m so sorry… I just… I… just was coming back from the hospital and their mother just passed away and I was distracted…

Suddenly the passenger feels bad himself for speaking so aggressive to the father,  uncovering the reason for why the man was behaving in such a way. The passengers view of the man changed dramatically based on that knowledge.

This is what is known as the change in paradigm.

While this is a very simple example, we as Nationalists face a similar issue. Where most against us feel that we are doing what we do because of ignorance, hatred or immorality. We have a situation of people of the same ethnicity and race having a completely different viewpoint of the same exact reality.

Unfortunately unlike the subway train story, the solution to this in the real world is not simply a matter of showing them the facts or reason why we are Nationalists.

The root cause of that is due to life experiences, largely tied to economic status.


As this graph above from the recent Austrian presidential election shows, among the working class an insanely high 86% voted for the Nationalist candidate.

Now let’s look at the types of Anti-Nationalists who do not fall in to the working class category.


The Politician:

Both at the high level to the low the lifestyle of the average politician is built around “stability.” He (or she) likely did not enter even the most minor public office without already having connections to the upper classes. This is a kind of “country club” view of the world where his wife and children aren’t worried about rape, murder or home invasion because his home and yours are in very different places.

His message to you: “If I can maintain my 3 houses and have my kids study at Oxford, I really could care less if your family gets raped and murdered by the people I put in your town.”


Greek journalist on the cover of a psychology magazine. Unfortunately, they haven’t found a cure for “Cunt” yet.

The Journalist:

Often having a certain degree of connection to the politicians.  Journalists are often evenly split between men and women. Most of the younger ones starting this as a “Career” are already in a wealthy economic class since in most major cities it is impossible to survive awaiting “discovery” by one of the major jewish media companies.

Increasingly staffed by women and homosexuals, the concern for immigration and the threat it poses to traditional families is of no concern to them since like the politician they already are past having to struggle for survival. Thus they see those with such concerns as primitive and morally inferior.

Her message to you: “You have completely outdated and closed minded thinking. I am much more intelligent and respected than you. “

Old men and coffee cropped web-1

The “Average Joe”: 

Also known as the “Malakas.” The “Average Joe” does not have the wealth nor the high social standing the politician or journalist class does. In many countries this type makes up the bulk of the white collar and public sector jobs. Otherwise known as “Middle Class.” He will tend to not listen or understand your point of view because he still hasn’t been kicked down the economic ladder just yet. In addition to this he is more inclined to listen to the soothing promises of the politician or journalist because they are “respected” on TV and you are not. Occasionally he will be the victim of crime by foreigners, but the other neighbors who remain unaffected will not support him.

Generally speaking your warnings about the future he will ignore not because he has knowledge that proves you wrong, but rather because you are “extreme” and thus not worth paying attention to.

His message to you: “Why do you keep talking about these immigrants? Can’t you see the football match is on tonight? “

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The Anarchist:

Sometimes also known as the “antifa.” He is essentially a kind of government employee or “para-state.” Performing tasks the normal police cannot get away with.

Unlike the street police he tends to be from a wealthy economic background and isn’t doing this job for the money.  The anarchist often spent his youth with every material comfort he desired.  As a result he has become bored and restless of toys and vacations. The deep seated embarrassment of his “privileged” life leads to choosing the “anarchist” life. It offers him a sense of excitement he can’t get from purchases and more importantly a sense of moral superiority that unlike the other rich people in his family he is fighting “evil like racism and fascism.” You the nationalist represent that in his mind.

His message to you: I hate you! You are so mean and stupid!

Dealing with these various Anti-Nationalists requires different approaches. This is why in order to decide what approach to take you must look at the “παράδειγμα” of each type…