What in the World are These Greeks Rallying For?

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
February 7, 2018

The biggest rally in Greece’s modern history was held this Sunday. I totally missed it. It’s not like it really made world headlines, so whatever.

But what’s worth pointing out is what these greeks were rallying for.

Was it to protest niggers and dune coons flooding their country? No, of course not. It was to protest the government recognizing Macedonia as “Macedonia” – basically some legalese concession on the name that they gave them. Macedonians believe that they are modern historical heirs of the ancient state of Macedonia, but Greeks don’t think so.

In other words, it’s literally a “we wuz Alexander the Great” rally.

Now, I know that people are squeamish and skittish. I know that often times, people struggle to explicitly say what they believe or rally directly behind a clear cause that is controversial. I know that people often prefer implicit displays to explicit ones.

I know that, okay?

But honestly, if this isn’t the most pointless, bullshit, little petty squabble that I’ve ever heard of, idk what is. It’s so absurd – especially on the backdrop of White Genocide – that it proves to me that we truly do live in Clown World.

I don’t give a flying fuck if Macedonia is actually comprised of the historic Macedonian people. That’s something for bookworms and nerds to settle amongst themselves. It is not something worth marching in the streets for.

And neither is the result of a Superbowl cause to march in the streets, but that’s another article.

Every single Greek in that march is a giant pussy, unable to focus on the very real problem at hand that is the complete eradiacation of White culture. Some land-locked Slavs to the north who can barely even hold off the Albanians are NOT the problem.

Shit, if they’re so concerned about these Slavs not being true Macedonians, why are they not concerned about all the Africans that now have Greek citizenship?


Fucking hell, man. The Jews have done a number on our people.

And the way things are going in Greece, there are going to be more Turks and Africans than Greeks left there soon.


I wonder if they will care so much about what name Macedonia chooses for itself then?