Weinstein Loses His Mind and Tries to Hijack Random Goy’s Car

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
October 12, 2017

Oh man, this kike is going to do something spectacularly stupid really really soon.

I mean, he’s running around like a chicken with his head cut off.

Never thought I’d say this, but god bless the good folks over at TMZ for keeping a stern, unwavering eye on the lulzy shenanigans of this kike.

Also check out this headline:

Daily Mail:

‘Suicidal’ Harvey Weinstein begs a STRANGER for a ride while trying to flee his daughter’s home – after she called 911 to say he might kill himself following furious screaming match.

  • Harvey Weinstein tried to flag down a passing motorist and flee his daughter Lily’s home after the two argued on Wednesday 
  • Once he returned to the house, Lily reportedly called authorities to say her father was ‘suicidal and depressed’ 
  • Weinstein, 65, fled again before LAPD arrived on the scene, and soon after Lily had a change of opinion, saying her father was not at risk of self-harm 
  • He said on Tuesday that he was boarding a plane to fly to rehab in Europe so that he could treat his sex addiction 
  • However this plan changed and Weinstein has flown to Arizona for treatment

I hope that he does something stupid, like really really stupid next.

It’s just fun to see him spin like a dreidel and cope with the fact that either his Jew brother or some bigger Jew up the food chain tossed him to the sharks.

The only questions is whether we can redirect the scrutiny and the growing minute of hate from Weinstein the individual to the entire cabal of kikes in charge of running Hollywood. One exec pales in comparison to what we can do if we meme hard enough about what happens in Hollywood. This is the golden chance for all those Pedowood rumors to finally come out and become treated seriously.

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  1. Now the stupid inbred kike is trying to kill himself out of it!

  2. manny says:

    NB4 N4UK

    Yeah it would nice if we could hijack this ‘controlled implosion’ and just tar the entirety of Hollywood with it.

  3. This shit is just getting better and better.

  4. What most normies don’t realize is the entire (((Hollywood))) system is based on sexual exploitation and domination. If that factor is removed, there is no more (((Hollywood))).


  5. because she wouldn’t give him a blowjob.

    “Not now, daddy! You cheated on me with Ashley Judd!”

  6. NHx says:

    Scurrying around trying to hide, like a guilty fat Rat! Karma feels good!
    Play this music for the fat Weihstein.

  7. It would be great if Harvey flees to Israel so that he can’t be extradited by the FBI when they indict him. It would be yet another large red pill for the normies

  8. You get the feeling the kikes, having grown so unaccustomed to getting pushback from the goyim, are all just freaking the fuck out these days?

  9. People need to keep spreading the word about the Jewish/Homo/Pedo elite in Hollywood. It exists. If anyone questions it or thinks that such things are bigoted, tell them to look up their favorite show or movie on the IMDB and check out the names of the series creators (writers, producers, directors, etc.) For the few listed that don’t clearly have jewish sounding names, instruct them cross-reference those names on a site like Wikipedia. They usually turn out to be crypto-jews, faggots, or some sick amalgamation of the two.

    Then ask them the simple question: how does a group that makes up 2% of the population conveniently run the vast majority of our entertainment media? If they reply “With hard work”, just slap them across the face, because you can’t educate a lost cause.

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