Watch: This Weird Little Trick Chinese Students Use to Keep Fit, Burn Fat! Doctors Hate Them!

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
January 26, 2019

China continues to show us what’s possible in current year.

Growing plants on the moon? Possible.

Taking Apple’s place as the second best-selling smartphone brand? Possible.

Blurring “Western” degeneracy on live TV? Possible.

Engaging children and keeping all of them fit, trim, happy, and healthy? Also possible.


A Chinese primary school teacher has taught his students the ‘shuffle’ dance in an effort to make them more motivated and to keep fit.

They even have a Great Wall, which they have had for a long time now.

See the classroom towards the end of the video? When was the last time you saw so many healthy-weight people in the same place? Not even one fat kid there.

Meanwhile in America…

Can you imagine the average American school teacher dancing like the fit Chinese teachers from the video?

The children dancing in the video are happy.

Why are we letting our youth grow wide? Why are we allowing these monstrosities to roam free and to perform visual terrorism on our streets?

China shows that things can be better, so let’s make them better.

If our women are not getting fit on their own, we’ll shame them. At least until we can physically force them to become fit without consequences. It’s a waste to let them ruin themselves.

When developed, their beauty is unmatched.

In order for that beauty to manifest, we have to stop them from ruining themselves.

Given the current Jewing of our society and laws, caging these whores until they burn all of their fat should be out of the question, but we can use both shaming and subtle comments to constantly bombard their mind with a clear message: fat will not be tolerated. Fat is worse than invisible.

Fat is terrorism.

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  1. LOVE that video!

    I feel bad for fat kids and blame their parents. Kids only eat what their parents give them.

  2. Binz says:

    The Chinese government does this other even awesome-er trick where the government prevents individuals from logging into their social media accounts unless they’ve met their Fitbit steps for the day/week. It’s part of their “social rating.”

    I think it’s a fantastic idea!

    I would also add a BMI requirement to the Social Rating. Kind of how DUI criminals have to blow in a breathalyzer before they can start their ignition, people classified as overweight would have to step on a scale to show they’re losing weight before gaining access to the internet, in addition to their daily steps of course.

    Watch Tucker pretend to oppose it at 18:30 (he’s got to keep up appearances and everything.)

  3. Jaego says:

    Tucker will be dancing like this on his show in another year or so. And the best of White America will be dancing with him. And we will call the tune…

  4. In America there are rarely any other healthy food alternatives anyway (and they’re expensive, so people buy cheap crap), so it also depends on metabolism which can be genetic.
    Most food contains GMO soy, wheat, corn, MSGs, palm fat and all this shit which sometimes is unavoidable.
    That’s because America is feeding third world, giving money to Israel, funding diversity and LGBTP+ projects and maintaining various military bases around the world.

  5. Now I sort of want to be a principal in a Chinese school. I could make the kids do that Nork hellmarch during breaks and shit.

  6. Those dance moves where pretty cool…

    In the past, prior to 1965, when we where pretty much left to ourselves, peer pressure and shaming, motivated people to maintain at least baseline levels of fitness, etiquette, positive levels of societal norms, that were beneficial to both the individual and our society as a whole…

    But shaming never really went away, the practice was just totally taken over by Kikes and their machine, and in true Kike fashion, they totally perverted the shaming apparatus to shame anyone who believes in, or practices, normal human behaviors…

    Such as any moral behavior that would benefit White Christian societies, like, for example, White men and woman marrying and practicing TRADITIONAL family values, with multiple children and stay at home moms, to nurture society’s future generations, and provide her and her husband a legacy to carry on in the world after they are gone…

  7. When you shame a woman she simply retreats to an online safe space where an army of online beta males will console her.

    It’s men who allowed feminism in the first place, and it’s men who propagate this shitty behavior.

    We should shame men first. Let them know that if they orbit these women, we’ll be laughing and calling them out on their beta behavior.

  8. I think Andrew should do a video of him leading other stormers in a dance like this. Call it the Stormer Shuffle.

  9. MrB says:

    When I was at school in the 60s and 70s I don’t remember any fat kids, there may have been some tubby ones but not fat/obese. We walked to school, rode bikes and played footie all weekend, didn’t eat fast food because it didn’t exist and at school they made us play sports in all weathers, rain or shine and it was full contact stuff. They also made us run cross country and we were happy, fit and thin.

    I am still fit and healthy and ride my bike twice a week and am always active.

    Well done to this school teacher for getting the Chopstick Kids out there having fun and doing this dance. Nothing bad about it.

  10. I too remember having the dance segment in gym class in which the boys and girls gym classes were brought together.

    Just one of the many ways, when we were one people, in which at an early age, boys and girls where taught the proper ways of etiquette, how to be future men and women, how to court, how to respect each other, proper gender roles and how to be ladies and gentlemen…

    Jew forced DIVERSITY has so totally fucked up our environment… Especially, AND PURPOSEFULLY, for our youth…

    Just another thing that today’s young don’t realize has been stripped from them, the whole mechanism which was designed to nurture and instruct and bring White young men and women ultimately together, for the purpose of marrying and having children, to have lives worth living and of substance, substance more important than just the collection of stuff…

    As opposed to today’s Judeo instruction, in which girls get instruction for how to spread their legs wide and often for as many, AND DIVERSE, cock carousel characters as possible…

    …before either their looks hit the wall and they are left baren, or from the Kike’s perspective, even better, she gets knocked up by some Divesity so as to become a traitor to her race, and put one more nail in the coffin of her people by popping out a mud spawn!

    White boys, if only you understood what the Jews have done to, and stolen from, you, you’d all be organizing local chapters of Hitler Youth camps to prepare for someday in the future!

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