British Man Stands Against McDonald’s: “No Wonder the World is Fucked Up, It’s Full of Feminists and Immigrants”

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
January 13, 2019

An eloquent British man that had enough diversity for a lifetime was caught on video blowing off some steam.

Daily Mail:

Shocking footage has emerged of a man on a vile rant in McDonald’s in which he complains about the fast-food place in Brixton being run by ‘bloody immigrants.’

The older man, who appears to be unsteady on his feet, yells at customers calling them ‘weak feminists.’

He tells them: ‘That’s why the country is f****d, England is f****d. Feminists and immigrants.’

He was recorded on Friday night at around 10pm by Alex Parvenu, who Tweeted: ‘A guy ranting about immigrants, feminists & white males creating civilisation.

‘Can we find out who he is? Dude was being pretty misogynistic & racist.’

The abusive customer tells Mr Parvenu, ‘the world was created by white men and you don’t like it.’

He refers to ‘white men’ as us, telling the crowd that they have benefited from white civilisation.

Where’s the lie tho?

As soon as someone dares point out obvious facts that have been obfuscated by Jewish brainwashing, all these “dude was being pretty misogynistic and racist” cookie-cutter programmed responses come up. They don’t refute claims, they don’t prove you wrong, they don’t engage in debates nor in conversations. They just push the SHUT IT DOWN button.

He was dragged out of McDonald’s.

This man’s anger is understandable. The country he and his people have built is now overrun by creatures that hate them.

The world our ancestors have built is being given away for free to the brown hordes by the Jews and their traitor puppets while our men have been transformed into smarmy bearded faggots, drooling over soy “foods” and Netflix series.

You want to go grab something to eat but you have to wait in line for the sin-skinned to be fed first, and once it’s your turn, an orc will take your order. Anyone who’s not entirely sedated would feel enraged.

The entire macrocosm of modern “civilization” existed in the microcosm of this man’s McDonald’s experience. This soulless corporate poisonous late-night food outlet is an absolute circus of brown people, and as soon as he starts complaining about it, it isn’t the browns that defend, but the faggotized feminist soyboys. This is a man against time and against the entire world, standing and stating obvious facts to a disreputable mob of fiends who have had their inner-light consumed by the encoraching darkness.

They’re replacing us in our own countries.

If we don’t hold the line here and revert this madness, we’ll have no place left to go.

There’s nowhere else left.

Watching the video, we can also note that we’ve never heard some rando guy on a cellphone recording breakdown the “classical liberal” philosophy of Sargon of Akkad or Tommy Robinson – presumably, because the falseness of these doctrines require them to take on a complexity that prohibits them from being condensed into a quick, punchy rant against a hostile mob of true-believers.

Realize how much simpler it is to talk about how “white men created the entire world and it has been taken over by immigrants and women, with the natural inheritors of civilization growing beards and differing to these groups” than it is to talk about a gross abstraction like “I just believe everyone should have equal rights and freedom of speech so that we can all exist in harmony, but Islam is a fascist religion and feminists are fascists and we need more education.”

Andrew Anglin contributed to this report.