Was the Synagogue Shooting Yet Another Jew Trick?

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
October 29, 2018

The synagogue shooting has everybody going, “hmm.”

Including Roosh.

He posted this on Twitter:

What’s more, it turns out that the victims had something in common between the lot of them

“They were Jewish?” t. ignorant normie.

No, fren, they were all old. 

Basically, a retirement community.

And who are all too old to have much use to the Jew hivemind for much longer.

But get this, the active shooter drill happened just down the road from the actual shooting. And the 1488er Synagogue Shooter’s account was created in January.

A recent red-pill convert? Or a Fed? You decide.

Furthermore, one of the rabbis said that he had gone every Saturday for 35 years and then this Saturday his wife told him not to go that day.

A very lucky coincidence. 

I guess the Jews expect you to believe the volcano god warned him.

These drills happening all the time near the sites of actual mass shootings – why does this cohencidence keep occurring?

Do the Feds know ahead of time the area where these attacks are going to occur? If so, how/why?

Methinks this humble e-book salesman is steering deep into dangerous waters. Waters that the humble water filter merchant is now also steering into.

AJ should fire that British homosexual weirdo he has working for him.

Why is this community somehow involved in literally every other shooting? All while being only 2% of the population?

It is actually Jews suing AJ right now for saying they faked Sandy Hook. I don’t mean the lawyers, although they’re obviously also Jewish, I mean the fat Jew saying his retarded son was killed.

And perhaps we should start questioning the efficacy of these drills. They’re always being done right before mass shootings and they never seem to be able to prevent said mass shooting.