War Machine Did Nothing Wrong

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 8, 2017

I don’t usually defend deranged brown savages. But I’m going to right now.

UFC fighter War Machine has been sentenced to life in prison for assault and battery, which is insane in itself.

This is a situation where one person beat another person’s ass. Pretty badly, okay. But that was all it was – an ass beating. There was no attempted murder. Somehow there are 29 felony convictions, and I don’t even understand what that means – this was a single incident of someone getting their ass kicked.

But on top of the nuttiness of “giving someone an ass beating” resulting in life imprisonment – the bitch deserved it, and no one anywhere can make an argument that she didn’t.


A US mixed-martial arts combatant known as War Machine has been jailed for life for kidnapping, and sexually assaulting his former girlfriend in 2014.

Jonathan Paul Koppenhaver was found guilty in March of attacking Christy Mack and her friend Corey Thomas after accusing them of having an affair.

Ms Mack suffered a fractured eye socket and nose, broken ribs and lost teeth.

In a statement to the court Koppenhaver expressed remorse, attributing the attack to anxiety and depression.

“Not a day goes by that I don’t seriously regret all those things that I did. I was a very, very lost, very empty person,” Koppenhaver told the Las Vegas court.

“And to top it off, something’s not right with my head. Plain and simple.”

Yeah, it’s called being mixed race.

It causes psychological problems, which obviously you do have, which I can see simply from your hipster tattoos.

Also, anyone who has seen interviews with you knows you are completely unhinged and insane.

Obviously, you deserve to be in prison AT LEAST just for being the person that you are.

HOWEVER – in this specific case, you did not do anything wrong.

Ms Mack met Koppenhaver in 2013 when she was a well-known porn actress. Koppenhaver had also worked occasionally in the industry. But their relationship soon deteriorated, with Ms Mack accusing the wrestler of becoming abusive.

“I do know when he gets out, he will kill me,” she said.

Koppenhaver, 35, will only be considered for parole after 36 years in jail. The wrestler won 14 of his 19 mixed martial arts fights.

He was convicted on 29 counts including kidnap and attempted rape. The jury was unable to agree on two counts of attempted murder.

Okay so this is the bitch.

You’re going to tell me she didn’t deserve to have the shit beat out of her?

Are you insane?

Also, although War Machine definitely is insane, he is also sort of a respectable type of insane.

Like, he had this meme about how anyone should be able to murder anyone at any time if they were capable of it. It was his main point. He talked about “in this day and age there is laws protecting the weak” – that is a quote. That he said a lot.

Like he wanted literal Conanism.

He took the philosophical position that anyone should be able to murder anyone at any time.

He also did things like call for the assassination of Barack Obama and said that men in modern feminist societies are treated worse than Jews during the Holocaust.

He has also said many other things that some people might consider to be awesome.

Here, you can watch him on the Joe Rogan Experience to understand what is going on with this guy.

ALSO he was a really good fighter.


Point being: I’m writing him a letter and offering to publish a weekly column – “War Machine’s Advice for Men.”

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  1. I believe the punishment should fit the criminal, not the crime. White guy breaks into a car for a first offense? Probation. Nigger jay walks? Death sentence.

  2. How many years did he get for those sick tribal tats bre?

  3. Slightly off subject but I think these extremely ugly porn stars are a sign that many men are addicted to pornography out there. They need more and more extreme material to experience arousal and end up watching some bald, mutant looking whore with full sleeves probably bending over backwards to do 5 people at once because they’re desensitised and mentally broken.

    And how did War Machine even end up with her? Did he not consider there are other females in the world with all their hair? He could’ve gone to a farmer’s market and tried to meet some single Christian interested in organic cooking… but no he had to go for the cancer witch. This guy’s a fucking idiot.

  4. yeah this is the thing, I’m all in favor of giving women a slap, but knocking out their teeth and breaking their ribs? r u nuts? That’s nigger behavior.

  5. He married a pornstar, that’s pretty wrong, but he did beat up a porn star up, which is pretty right, but he’s not white, which is wrong. Doing the math, he should at the very least be deported.

  6. Warmachine is a hillarious dude - he’s allways been like that - he’s on point alot of the time i hope he gets to write a column. I’d read it

  7. I think his mother was an actual Nevada squaw, and his father was a white drug addict.

    He’s not Mexican or “hispanic.”

    • Girlfriend’s profession is to sleep with others on film for money.
    • Guy is surprised girlfriend has an affair with another man.

    How did he not see this coming?

  8. I’m actually serious about this. He wrote a prison blog last time he was in prison.

    Now that he’s sentenced he’s going to get transferred into the actual prison system, then I can write my proposal.

    I don’t think there is any reason he wouldn’t do it, if I include a copy of our numbers.

    We tried to do this with Breivik but the Islamic state of Swedistan is denying him his human rights. In the US, I don’t think they’re allowed to deny a prisoner a right to publish.

    But I don’t actually know.

  9. All he did was beat up a whore who has sex on film with niggers for money.
    In light of the laws of White Sharia she got off easy, a mere slap on the wrist.
    Her proper punishment would be lowered into a an empty swimming pool filled
    with hungry crocodiles.
    A woman like this doesn’t go out with a human pit bull called War Machine because
    she wants a gentleman who brings her flowers and to cuddle with while watching Sleepless in Seattle.
    She wants the very worst kind of bad boy short of being a serial killer.

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