Waking Up (New Alt-Right Cartoon!)

Daily Stormer
January 23, 2018

The Alt-Right’s most talented animator, Emily Youcis, has just released the epic “Waking Up.” It is even more epic, because yours truly plays the lead role, Merica.


This is an absolute tour de force, replete with great art, a riveting storyline, and rich characters, each representing a different White nation.

I’d love to delve deeper and tell you more, but I’m not posting any spoilers here. This is too good and you deserve to get the full effect the first time you see it.

This work is emblematic of why we must break the stranglehold the Jews have over our media and entertainment. This is light years better than some (((Hollywood))) production celebrating degeneracy, with a mindless script and a cast of talentless goofballs acting out a celebration of race-mixing, drugged debauchery and nihilism.

I encourage everyone to watch it, especially the kids. It’s got a great message that everyone young and old will appreciate. Unless they’re anti-Whites.

Make sure you choose the “High Quality” option below the video.

There are already rumors of a sequel, so subscribe to Emily’s PewTube channel, and give her a follow on Gab to make sure you don’t miss anything!

Script by Anon

Featuring the voice talent of Azzmador and Illegal Aryan

Music by Xurious and Moonman

Top Comments

  1. Hussar says:

    That was awesome!

    I love the chinks & their “Ching chong”,

    The “Bobs Vagene” FB friend request…

    All the background stuff was really great attention to detail!

    Emily, does great work!

  2. Great video. I was wondering if SA would make an appearance. :slight_smile:

  3. This was quite fun, the fist quarter was especially packed with maymays. The end tho… I never asked for these feels.

  4. Yodocq says:

    Thanks Azz,it’s awesome.
    And thanks Emily, I know you are reading this forum often. :wink:

  5. BSKulb says:

    I love the “targeting children” meme.

  6. This is so stirring and beautiful! It truly rises to the level of art.

  7. I think boomeranging the Ching Chongs had to be the funniest part. I lol’d at that part.

  8. Ignatz says:

    Wow. What an ending. Wow.

    “I kind of lost my way.”

    Fuck. God damn the kikes.

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