Vienna: Group of Vibrants Brutally Enrich an Austrian Teen

Charles Martel
Daily Stormer
June 12, 2019

These vibrants look older than 13 to me, especially that 250 lb linebacker female.

I doubt these people would ever lie about their age, though.

Krone (Translation):

A shocking video showing the assault on the young fellow in Seaside City was provided to by colleagues in the daily newspaper “Heute”, who were given the clip by the victim’s brother. The fifteen-year-old boy had been lured by the gang in the seaside town on May 30, apparently under a pretext for a dusty parking lot near a small forest.

When the clip starts, the situation just gets out of control. The guy is grabbed by the collar and beaten several times by a 13-year-old girl. Shortly thereafter, another attacker intervenes, together they then go on the defenseless victim, beat and mercilessly on the young people, even as he is already writhing on the ground in pain. At the end of the clip, the boy, who also got some kicks directly against the head, runs down the blood from his face.

After the police were able to secure the video, the officers – as reported – quickly managed to investigate the suspected attackers. The two 13-year-olds are already known to the police. So they are said to have attacked a hemp shop in April, but were chased without loot by the employee. The two 13-year-olds were reported to the youth welfare office, but they are not yet punishable because of their age. In Austria, they must be 14 or older to be charged as criminals.

The third party, a 15-year-old boy, was reported for serious robbery – the trio had stolen the purse and headphones after the attack. Insight or even regret showed none of the alleged participants. While the 13-year-old duo admitted the act icy cold, the older accomplice remains silent.

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  1. Solution is simple

    Permanently end all new asylum claims, end all visa arrangements (including visa free) with 3rd world countries and start repatriation.

    We need to take back our continental homeland Europe at a racial level.

    All the European nationalist and anti immigration movements must come together to take our continent back.

  2. Find them - and their parents…

  3. Sisu says:

    “In Austria, they must be 14 years or older to be charged as criminals.”

    Niggers and hajiis are going to have fun in this country as most niggers coomit their first felony by the age of five.

  4. Anger inducing.

  5. idk what´s supposed to be so “shocking” about this video. incidents like that happen all the time in the diverse parts of Germany. not only since 2015 but for decades. I´ve witnessed and experienced far more dangerous situations. aggressive kebaps with knives, high on cocaine and tilidin- that´s what I call an exciting enrichment.
    I mean this was almost a fair fight. If Austrians consider this incident as “shocking” ,I must conclude that they still live in paradise compared to parts of western Germany.

    meanwhile in Germany: 9 year old girl raped by rapefugee from Niger last sunday.

    almost no msm coverage at all, they only talk about the evil nazi protests after the enriching happening.

    alternative media have published the profile of the rapist- a nigger with rastas- and were accused of spreading “fake news”. the rapist was then captured by normal citizens and handed over to the police.

  6. Vienna is on the same level as some West German shitholes. People tend to overlook this fact, because they have such an romantic image of Vienna. The percentage of foreign population in Vienna is easily up to 50% by now.

  7. No joke. Just look it up. The official numbers in 2018 are 40% of the city have a ‘migration background’
    And i always add a little to these numbers.

    I’m in Vienna several times a year and from my observation it’s more ‘enriched’ than Berlin.

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