Vidya Sluts Demand Esports Women Divisions and Infinity Gibs

Adrian Sol
Daily Stormer
July 12, 2018

What a surprise, a bunch of sluts demand free shit because they have a vagina. Sigh.

Women suck at pretty much everything that doesn’t involve having children. And even then, that’s limited to the actual process of incubating and giving birth – when it comes to raising kids to be responsible adults, men excel there as well.

Wow, embarrassing.

So it’s no surprise that women are terrible at video games as well. This wasn’t a problem back when only kids and geeks played them in their parents’ basement. But now that games are big business, you have a whole army of skanks barging in and demanding their share of that vidya dollar.

Most of them end up being glorified camgirls, and make a killing doing so.

Great, uh, skills.

But of course, now women want to get the fame and money without even showing their titties.


By getting gud?

Lol. Of course not.

By pressuring tech companies into creating women-only tournaments, and giving them a bunch of hand-outs, of course.

Women in Games:

The esports industry is male dominated. The number of women working in any role in esports or playing esports is estimated to be about 5% or 1 in 20.

If women could tell the difference between a Dreamcast and Playstation controller, maybe there’d be more of them in the pro circuits, huh?

Steph “missharvey” Harvey is one of the most successful gamers in the world. She says that the number of women in e-sports is as low as 5% and the main reason is the stereotype attached to gamers. “It’s still a ‘boy’s club’ so as a woman you’re automatically judged for being different. The way I get harassed is about what they would do to my body, about why I don’t deserve to be there because I use my sexuality – it’s all extremely graphic.” BBC Technology News 21 Nov 2016.

This bitch is completely full of shit.

Video games are completely anonymous. If they so desired, they could compete without anyone ever knowing their gender.

Most top-tier gamers have nick names like “Cooller” or “CZM,” like in the video above. But girls just have to name themselves shit like “FlowerGurl96” or something, to make sure everyone knows they have a vagina.

These sluts pretend to be offended that men “sexualize” them, yet they stream themselves looking like this:


Women in Games WIGJ seeks to use its experience in promoting gender diversity in video, online and mobile games to help encourage more diversity in esports.

Many professionals in the esports industry understand that encouraging more women to participate in the industry, both on stage and behind the scenes, is critical for the commercial success of the industry as well as promoting a socially responsible sector. However, up until now, there is little or no information available, or readily accessible on how to do this.

The “industry” is doing just fine as it is. The only problem, of course, is that the money is flowing to young men and not thots pretending to like video games. Gotta do something about that, huh?

Invited to participate in an Experts Discussion on “Increasing female interest and participation in esports careers” at the inaugural Global Esports Forum by Intel/ ESL on 1st March 2018, 4 leaders from women in games groups in the UK, France, Germany and Italy drafted a set of recommendations in a Paper which are now being published.

So this is all aimed at Intel and other corporate sponsors, with the goal of guilting them into diverting their funds into female gaming projects.

This is all so pointless. Esports are about being good at video games. Even the legion of thirsty betas out there aren’t going to be interested in watching video game competitions between low-tier female players. The reality is that these events are going to be even less stimulating than a twitch stream, as the focus is squarely on the in-game action, not their face cams.

Any money being poured into this crap is going to be completely wasted.

Imagine this, but with shitty players. Yeah, it’d suck big time.

Executive Summary

1. Women’s esports needs to be seen as a “product” in its own right and not a by-product or add-on, or proving ground for the existing male dominated industry which has grown up with the majority of attention paid to the men’s game. This is not a segregation of men’s and women’s esports, as girls at school being directed by teachers and those women who want and choose to compete with men, should be encouraged to continue to play in an open environment. A distinct women’s esports product is a short term expedient to grow significantly the esports global audience.

In other words, they want a woman-only league, and a mixed-league.

Well, guess what, there’s already female-only tournaments. And nobody is remotely interested. Look at these YouTube view counts.

Less than a thousand views…

Compared with the view counts for the normal male events:

Huh, I’m seeing a pattern here…

And yet these female competitions still provide prizes in the tens of thousands of dollars for the finalists, no doubt with funds granted by various corporate sponsors.

2. Intel/ ESL and other market leaders are encouraged to make board level appointments in North America, Europe and Asia Pacific to take responsibility for developing the women’s esports product. “Product Directors”

Anyway, there’s a long list of additional demands, but they all boil down to the same thing.

“Gib more gibs, plz.”

Women can’t compete on a level playing field with men, and so must demand they get equal rewards for an inferior performance.

This is like if children demanded they get their own Olympic games, with equal sponsorships and prizes as the adults. It’s completely ludicrous.

There’s a reason they don’t show children’s soccer on TV, people, and it’s not anti-kid bigotry.

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