Vidya Censorship! 3D NPCs Mad at Gamers for Killing 2D NPCs!

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
November 8, 2018

In a rare show of solidarity with their 2D brothers, the 3D NPCs have taken up arms and have begun hunting those that would oppose total NPC hegemony.

The Guardian:

The makers of the most anticipated video game of the year, Red Dead Redemption 2, have been criticised after players recorded videos of themselves beating, abusing and killing a suffragette character.

After its release in late October, the game – in which players can choose whether to speak to, rob, abuse or kill characters they interact with – was praised for its extraordinary attention to detail.

It is set in the American frontier in 1899, 20 years before women got the vote, and features suffragettes campaigning for their right to vote.

However, days after its release, one YouTuber using the handle Shirrako uploaded a video of his avatar walking up to a suffragette character who is wearing a sash and calling out “Let me vote”, and beating her unconscious. The video, named “Red Dead Redemption 2 – Beating up annoying feminist” – has been seen more than 1.5m times. 

Yeah, this happened.

Well, that’s funny! I thought #Gamergate had solved this problem. I thought that gamers had risen up, led by the great Sargon of Akkad to put an end to the SJWification of video games.

Yeah, fucking right. Turns out Carl and his friends accomplished literally fuck all. 

Because people are now getting shut down and censored for showing gameplay from games.

“This is a complicated problem with detailed, open world games that prioritise player choice,” wrote Emanuel Cheeseberg, managing editor of technology site Motherboard, on Twitter.

Lol, the Jew tech writer has a problem with goyim being able to make their own choices.

“What’s not complicated is that there’s a reservoir of video game players who hate women and get off on this.”

“This is how backwards, stupid and warped a portion of young men on the internet are,” wrote EckhartsLadder, a Star Wars YouTuber.

Shirrako followed up with several other videos showing his character attacking the woman, including one called “Dropping feminist to hell and killing the devil” that shows him lassooing the character and carrying her to a mine shaft which he drops her down. Another shows him feeding her to an alligator. 

Does it ever occur to these people that people need a way to vent, and let off some steam?

Take away the porn and vidya and drugs and you’re basically asking for the entire country to go up in flames. Gamers might not be willing to rise up, but the incels will almost certainly unleash a campaign of terror upon the country now.

Also, if we step back and take a look at the bigger picture here… this all started with the censorship of the Daily Stormer

So to all of you getting censored now…

Told ya. 

It only took them about a year to get to you after they got to us.

Welcome to the club.