Victim’s Lawyer Says People Want to Kill Epstein!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 30, 2019

Someone needs to make sure this kike is kept alive!

But no one will.

He’s the only kike we’ve seen recently who the Jews would gladly sacrifice.

The Sun:

Jeffrey Epstein’s life may be in danger as his powerful pals do not want him to reveal their secrets, his victims’ lawyer has claimed.

Spencer Kuvin, who represents three of the billionaire perv’s sex trafficking accusers, threw doubt on claims the financier attempted suicide.

Epstein was found “sprawled on the floor” and “blue in the face” in a New York jail, last Tuesday according to reports.

Investigators are still probing whether it was a suicide attempt or if the shamed 66-year-old was attacked.

Now Kuvin believes Epstein knows so much dirt about his rich and famous friends that there may be some individuals willing to organise a “hit” on him to prevent that information ever getting out.

“I question whether or not it was a true suicide attempt that Mr Epstein was involved in in jail or whether or not there may be some powerful people who just don’t want him to talk,” Kuvin told Sun Online.

Yeah, I was skeptical of the “attempted murder” narrative around the “attempted suicide,” but it does make sense. There are certainly people who want to kill him, and the guards in prison certainly will not protect him, and making it look like a suicide is the obvious way to get this done.

This guy should be kept with cameras on him 24/7.

We cannot let this kike die!

And that’s a sentence I thought I would never write!

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  1. Pals with first names like Ari, Binyamin, Dov, Ehud, Jacob, Joshua, Moishe, Mordecai, Uri, Yoel, and Yitzak, and last names like Cohen, Levy, and Schwartz or ending in baum, berg, blatt, itzky, stein, or vitz.

  2. My friend Jacob Bronfschteinsilverberg says to tell all you fucking racists, particularly MOD-1 to suck my Irish cock! He also declared, in an ironic fashion that, “Jeffrey Epstein did nothing wrong!”

    Epstein has a face that only a yenta mother could love. We may like it more if it was dipped into a boiling morrass of chicken soup with flesh falling from the bone, in Minecraft, but Bubbe Ruth loves it just he way it is with its Satanic menace and all. MOD-1 wants Epstein in his ass.

  3. I like my kike dipped upside down in boiling plastic

  4. I like mine as a nice pleated lampshade or cleaning products.

  5. I guarantee Kikestein is offed before he ever sees a jury.

  6. Even if he makes it to a court room and names everyone he delt with and all the sick illegal shit they did it wont change anything.
    Those people will still be free and suffer no consequences, and the ones that do get arrested will be in legal limbo forever and never even see a day in court.
    You are fooling yourselves into thinking there will be justice here when he spills it(if he does) but there wont.

  7. Jay says:

    “We cannot let this kike die!
    And that’s a sentence I thought I would never write!”
    That so so true and funny as hell also.

  8. BBF says:

    Nick the Killer put him in a DEATH HEADLOCK, and one of his buds introduced himself to his SPHINCTER 💩 maybe up to his shoulder 😬🤢🤮

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