Valley Girl State Department Representative Marie Harf Claims ISIS Can be Stopped by Giving Them Jobs

Lee Rogers
Daily Slave
February 22, 2015

Marie Harf thinks we can stop the Islamic State by giving Muhammad and Abdul jobs at Walmart for $9 an hour.

How can people not laugh at America when we have retarded 30 something women like Jen Psaki and Marie Harf as top speakers for the State Department?  These career minded women are mentally ill as they have decided to give up their best years to have children for a job that should be done by a man.  Even worse is the fact that these women falsely think they are smart and comically believe that what they say is important or has any relevance.  Psaki and Harf are two key examples showing why the vast majority of women have no business being in such positions of influence.  These women should be raising children and maintaining a household instead of pontificating on geopolitical issues of which they have no understanding of.

Recently Harf came out and claimed that we can stop the Islamic State by giving them job opportunities. ¬†This is comical as fanatical followers of Islam do not care if they die. ¬†If they don’t care about their own mortality, logic would dictate that a slave job is not going to mean anything to them. ¬†Sorry, but earning $9 an hour at Walmart is not going to convince them to give up what they believe.

Even more ridiculous is Harf went on to say that in Libya the lack of governance has resulted in Islamic radicals gaining influence. ¬†This is one thing she is actually right about, but she makes no mention of how Libya got that way. ¬†It became that way because the retarded Kenyan ape¬†overlord in the White House thought it was a good idea to use military force against Muammar Gaddafi’s government because he was supposedly doing bad things. ¬†Even if you could prove that he was doing these bad things, is the situation better now or worse after removing him? Clearly it is much worse.

Every Jewmerica military campaign waged in the Moslem world¬†has made things worse but she can’t even admit this very obvious fact. ¬†The Islamic State only exists because Jewmerica military action created the environment for it. ¬†The solution to this so-called “terror” problem is to stop waging wars in the Middle East and ban Moslems from entering our country. ¬†The ones that are here should be deported to their country of origin. Why is this so hard for these so-called experts to figure out?

Harf also thinks that the only reason she is being criticized, is because her views are too complex for her critics to understand. ¬†She literally thinks that she is smarter than everyone else when her views are¬†obviously insane and¬†stupid. ¬†Sorry, but you don’t become smart just because you got¬†a political science degree by attending classes taught by Marxist retards.

Watch videos of this nitwit below.  One shows her being interviewed by Jew propagandist Wolf Blitzer and another shows her on MSNBC with the Marxist softball faggot Chris Matthews.

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