US Military Launches Investigation Into Soldiers Allegedly Having Patriotic Views!

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
June 21, 2019

We are living through a modern-day witch hunt.

You can’t go a single day without a headline concerning White Nationalists being “revealed” and “uncovered” somewhere.

Today, it’s in the military.

Yahoo News:

Amid concerns about white nationalists enlisting in the U.S. military to gain combat training, the Marines have discharged a reservist who was identified as belonging to a notorious hate group, Yahoo News has learned. Meanwhile, the Army National Guard took a different approach in dealing with an enlisted man who held, but has renounced, similar extremist views.

Last month, the Marines severed ties with reservist Lance Cpl. Logan Piercy, who was one of 11 active-duty service members alleged to have ties to Identity Evropa by HuffPost in April. Identity Evropa is classified as a white supremacist group by the Anti-Defamation League, listed as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center and was a key organizer of the 2017 Charlottesville, Va., white supremacist rally that resulted in the murder of counterprotester Heather Heyer.

So because the SPLC and the ADL said so, the US military is now purging its ranks of White men who love their country. Because, as we all know, patriotism is a dangerous ideology that is unnecessary for modern soldiers serving Israel’s interests worldwide.

Soldiers are only to be motivated by Globo-Homo values and the paychecks that they’re given.

Love of one’s country and one’s people are criminal values that have no place in a civilized society, let alone in Israel’s Army.

“Extremist organizations actively seek out active and veteran members of the military,” said James. “A lot of these groups really value the types of experience, tactical training, leadership ability that you get in the military, so often, now, these groups are actively encouraging people to go and join the military to get that experience and then bring those skills back to their extremist groups. That’s another thing we need to look out for in terms of these groups actively seeking those types of experience.”

See, I’m not sure I subscribe to this strategy (if it even exists) because it appears to be mostly a strategy borne of necessity, not anything that was well thought-out or deliberate.

Put simply: a lot of young White men don’t have any employment opportunities outside of the military.

Any organization with few resources and which is trying to help get its members on its feet is going to have to recommend the military as a potential career path to combat unemployment and poverty within its ranks.

Elizabeth Yates and Patrick James, researchers at the University of Maryland’s Study of Terrorism and Responses to Terrorism program, told Yahoo News earlier this year that white supremacists are joining the military in order to receive combat training. A report in the Washington Post found that immigrants face more scrutiny than white supremacists when enlisting.

“We have also seen from reporting and scholarship outside our database that in this recruiting, they’re also encouraging members if they do join to avoid signals that might tell a recruiter that they’re extremist,” said Yates, “saying, ‘Don’t get tattoos, grow your hair long.’ And we just don’t know to what extent that’s being implemented.”

Yeah, because they don’t want to lose their job and go broke, and Jews are hunting down White people and hounding them out of their jobs all over this country.

Riveting stuff. 

Anyways, under ideal conditions, I would never advise some kid to join the military to gain “experience” when they could get far better at shooting by hitting the firing range with their bros. Furthermore, even CrossFit is a better workout program than what they have you do in the army with the constant running around carrying heavy gear that gets your joints all fucked up.

Not to mention the fact that the military is good at breaking young men’s psyches down through intimidation, sleep deprivation, and bad food to the point that they don’t ask questions and just do as they’re told. Frankly, you don’t want to have a dissident movement filled with members that have a Pavlovian reaction to orders being barked at them by negro drill sergeants.

Besides, with all these wars in the pipeline, do all these patriotic Americans want to lose life and limb fighting for Israel? It’s an important question that requires a bit of soul-searching, and something they won’t be able to ask themselves if the army makes their decisions for them.

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  1. The military turns you into a dumbed down jew loving retard like these guys:

  2. In short term: Cannon fodder.

  3. When did these shady organizations become the arbitrary moral dictators of society?

    The ADL was created after some pedo jew raped and murdered a White girl and then tried to pin the blame on a feckless negroe.

    So much moral authority.

    Don’t join the army and die for smelly, sweaty jews in the desert, join a militia instead.

  4. lucky says:

    Get in there, and keep your god damn mouth shut.

    1. Save 75% of your paychecks for 4 years
    2. Look around, buy a house for cash.
    3. Rise to the top
  5. Lets make no mistake. They want to punish those who voted for Trump and banish everybody who holds nationalist views.

    Trust me. I’m a retired field grade who, at one point, was the subject of a criminal investigation, all because some lunatic (under an unvetted, assumed alias) accused me of attending C-ville. My family was the target of nonstop harassment and intimidation. The Inspector General did NOTHING to intervene; it took a civilian attorney (who is a former State-level criminal prosecutor) more than six months to force the Army to terminate their unlawful witch hunt on me and seven other officers accused of the same shit.

    EDIT: My attorney did finally get a positive ID on the accuser…

  6. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++


  7. Sisu says:

    90% of the military is involved in support roles and are not combat troops. The guys who really know how to fight, spec ops, have to do at least 8-12 years in the military as the government isn’t going to invest all that training just to let you go in a couple of years. You can get firearms training at just about any range that is at least the equivalent to what GIs get in basic training and FBI level CQC courses are available by many companies across the country. Then there is the old Vietnam vet out there who is always willing to impart his combat experience upon you for free.

  8. Not to mention the fact that the military is good at breaking young men’s psyches down through intimidation, sleep deprivation, and bad food to the point that they don’t ask questions and just do as they’re told.

    This comes up in various contexts; Rush Limbaugh made ref to it a few days ago when talking about business franchises. Potential franchisees are Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory tested to screen out independent thinkers who won’t submit to, or who would try to go beyond, the specifically designed corp template. Just follow the written instructions please!

    I think many men here, especially those who’ve had a stint in the service or those who are war buffs, are aware of the soldier-versus-warrior dichotomy. A “modern” military (i.e. a 20th-century military drawing from a modern mass society) wants postmen (and postmistresses, to use the British term) … who can fire an M-16 or push a red button in a nuke silo or sub:

    I’ze look’zz like’zz a postman to you, but I’ze ackshully a highly-trained trigger-puller & button-pusher … who’zz gonna retire after 20 years at duh age ub 37, and get’zz retirement pay and free VA medical care till I’ze die’zz at da age ub 87!

    I wuzz lookin’ for a way’zz to serve my kountry and get a dependable monthly check to feed’zz my kee-uzz (I’ze got’zz another one comin’zz, it’s my fourth kee-uzz, and I’ze only 24!) … and da U.S. Army came thru!

    I’ze can’zz push any button’zz you’zz want’zz:
    red ones, green ones, yellow ones, purple ones…

    Last but not least. In what other endeavor is it emphasized that you must ensure you stay well inside the box, doing exactly what you are told, doing your part to be a good cog in the machine?

    That’s a good goy: just repeat what’s been written down for you, and just push these buttons over here; that’s all you need to do

  9. HuffPo doxes White men and tracks them and their employers down to liferuin them.

    This is a dangerous fence HuffPo is straddling.

    From a strictly academic standpoint, if they dox an unstable person, there might be consequences, and public opinion would probably be with the doxee.

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