Update on the Daily Stormer Houston Blitzkrieg THIS SATURDAY!

Daily Stormer
June 8, 2017

It’s almost time, fellow Stormers!

This Saturday, June 10th, we will draw a line in the sand, much as Travis drew his famous line in the sand at the Alamo.

This is as important an event as any we of the Alt Right have held thus far. This is where we stand in defiance of all the forces that seek the destruction of our history, our society, our culture, and our people.

We will put our bodies between the statue and those who would take it down.

Here, we will turn back the brown tide that is attempting to steal, defile, and destroy everything we hold sacred.

I hereby call on all Stormers who can possibly be there to show up, and join us.

One day, God willing, you’ll all be old men. When your grandchildren ask you where you were on this day, what will you tell them?

Will you tell them that it was more important to you to sit home and drink beer and eat chips while watching the Electric Jew, or will you be able to look at these little ones and tell them that on this sunny summer day, way back in the dark ages of 2017, that you took a stand, and told the enemy “You will go no farther!”

This Saturday, will you be a couch potato, or will you be a White Warrior?

Here is the update:

The rally officially begins at 10 AM, Central.

5555 Hermann Park Dr.

Houston, TX 77030

Vanguard Texas will be providing armed security and first aid for the event. They have scouted the park and made a great plan for the rally. I can’t stress enough what a sharp group of brothers they are. Nothing has been left to chance.

If you wish to march to the monument with Vanguard and my crew, you can meet up with us behind the obelisk at opposite end of the reflection pool at 9:30 AM. The more marchers the better.

I cannot stress this enough: DO NOT INITIATE VIOLENCE! If you are attacked, by all means defend yourself. This is highly unlikely if you stick with the group, but remember, we are not here to start fights, but we will finish them!

Remember, this is not just about one statue. The objective here is to raise awareness enough to not only get our legislators to pass sensible laws protecting our history, but to win more people to our cause. This event is custom made for that purpose. Once the normies realize that this is a war against White people, in other words, a race war, many of them will wake up to the dire situation we’re in.

So come on down y’all, it’s gonna be a fun event, and there will be speeches, and lots of the people who’s work you enjoy will be there.

For more info, join Daily Stormer’s Discord server, Thunderdome if you haven’t already, and check out the channel #events.

MESSAGE FROM VANGUARD AMERICA: We want as many people as possible to march in with us for maximum psychological impact. They can contact us at americanvanguardtx@gmail.com or @Movnforwrd1 on Twitter.

For more in depth discussion of the event, listen to this week’s edition of The Krypto Report, in which Goy Orbison and I spent a good hour on the topic.

So come on down! We’re gonna have a great time, and make new connections with like-minded people that will last a lifetime.

Do it for those future grandchildren.


Top Comments

  1. We need an alt-right UK movement. We’re lagging five years behind.

  2. Best wishes to all heroes at this event. Godspeed and hail eternal victory!

  3. when i see a niga in a suit it’s always makes me smile

  4. Heil mother fucking victory!

  5. I strongly suggest that you have:

    A dress code

    When you allow people to just show up wearing “Whatever” it leads to disorder, chaos and everything falls apart.

    Also, have very strict policies about dealing with the press. Don’t let every try to be a spokesman - the media will tape hours and hours of video and take the worst 30 seconds featuring the most ugly, angry, hateful stupid person or else it’s a infiltrator acting the role of Hollywood bad guy NAZIs that want to gas 6 million more innocent Jews.

    Don’t talk to the press - ore else designate one intelligent spokesman and only do live unedited interviews.

  6. Vanguard’s people are wearing White polos and khaki pants, If I’m not mistaken. I have asked, in my previous post on this topic, for Stormers who have them to wear their DS T shirts. If you don’t have a DS T shirt, wear something that looks similar foir a united front.

    #And no, I will not be wearing the MAGA hat, this is an old pic, pre-betrayal.

  7. Remember: The White Race stands as proof the kikes could NOT possibly be God’s “chosen people”, else why would He have made them so hideously ugly when compared to the regal White Race?

    THIS is the reason the kikes want us eliminated by any means. Not just us but our history, our culture, our art, our architecture, they intent to erase all traces of our existence and claim creation of the science and technology Western Civilization has created.

    Like their cousins and flying monkeys the Taliban and ISIS, the moment they seize an area they immediately destroy that culture’s architecture and monuments. We are see the initial drops of what the kike intends to be an absolute torrential downpour of destruction upon Western Civilization.

    They must be stopped in the most definite way, we must put an immediate end to this destruction…

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