Upcoming Film Celebrates the Real Black Panthers – A Negro Tank Battalion During WWII

Michael Byron
Daily Stormer
March 22, 2018

February gave us Black Panther, a film that proved that whites had been oppressing blacks for centuries.

March gave us Pacific Rim Uprising, a film that proved that blacks are better at saving the world than Batman, Spiderman and Captain Sweden combined.

Next, we’re to be given The Liberators, a film that proves – as if we needed more evidence – that blacks were the reason the United States won World War II.

Huffington Post:

Just because “Black Panther” was a global success doesn’t mean Michael B. Jordan, aka Erik Killmonger, is losing any steam.

As per a Variety exclusive, the actor is reportedly on board to produce the World War II action-drama “The Liberators” through his Outlier Society Productions with Safehouse Pictures.

The project’s script was written by Madison Turner and follows the 761st Tank Battalion in World War II ― an entirely African-American combat unit who, by federal law at the time, were not permitted to serve alongside white troops.

Baseball Legend Jackie Robinson was one of the men who served in the 761st Battalion, though he never saw combat overseas. What’s more is that the battalion’s insignia featured a black panther, and “Black Panthers” was the group’s nickname. Their motto: “Come out fighting.”

I did some research into these pre-T’Challa “black panthers” and it looks as though they were basically a decent, above average tank battalion. If they had been just another successful white unit, I doubt anyone would even consider immortalizing their achievements on the silver screen.

But its pro-black message is only a small reason why the Jewish media machine wants to push this story on the goyim. According to their Wikipedia entry, members of the black panthers:

  • Were subjected to “hate crimes” by white soldiers, including “a bloody riot between members of a neighboring segregated tank battalion and white MPs” in Louisiana
  • Did the whole Rosa Parks thing of refusing to sit at the back of the bus and getting into trouble for it
  • Did not receive a warm welcome upon returning from the battlefield, unlike their white compatriots
  • Played a significant role in convincing President Truman’s government to desegregate the US forces after the war

In fact, there are so many jewcy morsels of anti-whiteness to extract from this narrative (most of which are exaggerated, I’m sure) that I’m surprised Herschel Handrubber and Chaim Coinmilker have been this slow to pick up on it.

Perhaps the kikes and their black golems were freaked out by the disastrous commercial failure of Red Tails, another WWII film that depicted blacks as heroic supersoldiers that had Adolf Hitler shaking in his jackboots.

Alas, it isn’t 2012 any more. It’s 2018, and superniggers are now in vogue.

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