Unperson Andrew Anglin Reporting In

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 19, 2017

wew lads.

Welcome back.

Although I thought my update last time, in the days of DailyStormer.ru, was pretty fun, the site got shut by Cloudflare before I was able to make a serious follow-up.

So I’m just going to write the serious post first here on DailyStormer.lol.


Go sign up to Gab and follow me here:


Pass that around. Make sure everyone gets it. Gab is the last place online for free speech, and I will always have that page to keep you updated on where the site is if it is down.

America’s First Unpersoning

The Jews are attempting to all-out unperson me.

I am the first person to have this attempted against them in the history of the internet.

For those that don’t get the technical side here: what has happened is that critical infrastructure platforms have shut me down. The domain’s registration, which was initially on Godaddy and then on Google – is supposed to be entirely neutral. They have never shut anyone down for content.

Then, Cloudflare shut me down. I wrote an entire article about that. That is critical infrastructure which makes it so any random asshole can’t rent a botnet and shut the site down, so effectively they shut the site down.

This is the first site they have ever shut down without an order from a US court.

The company’s CEO, Matthew Prince, who is a goy, sent a memo to his staff saying he shut me down because he woke up in a bad mood and he thinks I’m an asshole. This memo was leaked. After having thought about it, I believe it is most likely that he leaked it himself.

It is clear that he is a lying piece of shit. In his public statement, he claimed that he shut it down because we said he was secretly a Nazi. Well, I never said that. He didn’t cite any source. If I had said that, it would have been a joke – even if I had said it seriously, that is an absolutely insane reason to shut down the entire concept of freedom of speech on the internet.

What GoDaddy said was even dumber:


GoDaddy CEO Blake Irving told CNBC on Tuesday that the domain name provider cut ties with The Daily Stormer because the neo-Nazi site crossed the line from exercising freedom of speech with the post about Heather Heyer, the 32-year-old who died last Saturday when a car plowed into her group of counterprotesters who were demonstrating against the white nationalists in Charlottesville, Virginia.

So for 4 years GoDaddy hosted my domain, then all of the sudden a fat joke about a dead woman was a step too far – “whoa whoa whoa – I like a bit of edgy humor myself guy, but you just went overboard!”

Hm. Okay.

Understand: the reasons they are giving are arbitrary. Google didn’t even give a statement.

It isn’t about me being an asshole and it isn’t about me making a fat joke.

And I would like to say it is just about me and my ideas. And it is, to a great extent. We have gained very, very serious traction talking about Jews and agitating for a cultural and social revolution against their brutal and ruthless domination of Western civilization.

But the Daily Stormer is just the beginning.

Because all that we are is the most outrageous on a spectrum of a new rising right-wing in Western formerly white nations. The fact that I make a lot of edgy jokes makes it easy to point at me and say “HE’S GONE TOO FAR NOW!!!1111” – but I promise you, it isn’t the jokes that bother them, it is the ideas.

And the ideas that we present here at the Daily Stormer are shared by millions of people: mainly, the idea that white people, like every other race, deserve to have their own countries and that it isn’t evil to stand up and say “hey Jews, why are you replacing our populations in every white country?”

So Now, The Precedent is Set

With me having been unpersoned, they are now able to begin doing the same to people who don’t make edgy fat jokes about dead violent leftist attackers.

They are coming for people who don’t talk about Jews as well.

They are coming for everyone who questions any single aspect of the ruling agenda to transform Western society into a multiracial Islamo-transsexual circus show from hell.

Strangely, neither Alex Jones or Stefan Molyneux have contacted me to talk about this while my website was down and I had no voice.

No one did.

When I was in the hole, and all over the national media, not a single supposed free speech advocate with a reasonably-sized audience reached out to me and offered me a chance to tell my story.

I will remember that going forward. And I think everyone else should too.

(Note: I’ve gotten thousands of communications over the last week and I could have missed something.)

This Isn’t About Me

For the record, as long as I am online, I will host the content of any known voice who is silenced in the way that I have been silenced – even if it’s someone I disagree with. Before the DS shutdown, I had recently made the point that when Sargon of Akkad gets kicked off of YouTube (and he will, eventually), that I’ll host him – even while I disagree with a lot of what he says.

Because this isn’t about arguments anymore. This is about the fact that if I didn’t have weev as this site’s volunteer sysop, I would be completely silenced right now. I would be incapable of speaking publicly (other than on Gab).

The fact that these people are now openly exercising their ability to do this to a person because of something they say has changed the world.

This is the core idea of the internet being attacked.

This idea of “oh well, it’s allowed because they’re private companies” is a new angle, but this is no different than what the Bolsheviks did. I do not have the option of creating my own internet.

The promise was that Google and the rest of these private companies which control the backbone of the internet would remain neutral.

Well, they have not remained neutral.

We are in a different world than we were last week.

And Just So You Understand – I Just Want You to Understand Something Here

Not everything on this site is outrageous and inflammatory, but a lot of it is.

Although it is obvious to the regular reader, who tends to be intelligent, this apparently needs to be stated to the press, which is made up of people with a lower than average intelligence (presumably because they get paid relatively little for doing extremely unethical work): the Daily Stormer purposefully uses inflammatory language.

For multiple reasons.

One is to bring attention to the site – to use outrage to force ideas into the public sphere (that worked well this time, lel). Another is to simply say what everyone is secretly thinking and feeling – to give a release of the emotions which are bubbling up in all non-castrated white males these days. Another is to open up the Overton Window by being outrageous, thus giving more moderate and intellectual right-wingers room to maneuver.

Another – and I now believe this is the most important – is to push the limits of free speech, in order to protect the concept of free speech from those who wish to undermine it. Someone has to do that. Believe me, being the guy that has to do that is not comfortable. But no one else is going to do it.

Leftists Should be Defending Me

Leftists even ten years ago would have been on my side for the sake of principle.

I give my thanks to the EFF for their (slightly delayed) comments on my situation, but they are the only leftist group so far to show me any support at all.

The rest have been silent.

With the registrar – the deal is, if no ICANN authorized domain registrar will host my domain, than I am effectively being banned by ICANN itself.

The Future of the Daily Stormer

I am staying online. No matter what.

They are going to have to kill me.

The registrar we are now on, Namecheap, is pretty much the last chance for getting a registrar to accept my hosting.

They have made statements in support of freedom of speech.

If they fold, I assume another company will come forward and offer us hosting.

We’ve already been kicked by the Chinese and the Russians.

For a Cloudflare replacement, we have Bitmitigate.

I want to thank them.

Now that Cloudflare has kicked me off, they’re going to start doing it to everyone. They are obligated to. They were speaking from a position of strength when they said “all speech” – no it’s “Andrew Anglin is too much to have freedoms,” so all the SJW mob has to do is say you’re no better than Andrew Anglin, and Cloudflare is obligated to dump you. Because they base their policies and principles on how many people complain to them.

I think people who believe in free speech – whatever their political beliefs – need to migrate to free speech services before they are forced to. A weak-willed and spineless slug like Matthew Prince is not fit to be in control of what people are allowed to think.

So move to Bitmitigate.

We will see if Namecheap holds, and if they do, you should use them as your registrar. Not simply because you could be kicked off of your current registrar at any point, but because what GoDaddy and Google have done violates the core idea of the internet and one of the founding principles of our country.

If we do not have freedom of speech, then we are living in a totalitarian state. The fact that the totalitarianism is being enforced by multinational corporations is an inconsequential technicality. Because it was the government that allowed these companies to privately control our infrastructure and has refused to break them up under anti-trust laws – even though those laws exist.

My View on Free Speech

To be clear, I believe in free speech as it was envisioned by the Founding Fathers. Nothing more or less than that.

People will say “oh well, you’re a Nazi and Nazis are against free speech” – firstly, all political repression in National Socialist Germany was done under national security measures after communists burned the Reichstag (and then during a war). But that is neither here nor there – I am not trying to recreate NS Germany. I believe that you have to allow open political discussion, end of story, and I am fully willing to engage and talk through my ideas with anyone.

The reason that the right is being silenced is that the left already lost the argument. The battle of ideas is over, and we won.

They called us a lot of mean names, but it eventually became clear that our ideas were too powerful – and too self-evidently true – to be dismissed simply because someone on CNN called us “Neo-Nazi White Supremacists.”

Now, the only option left is to shut us down.

But it’s going to take bullets to shut me down.

“Better to reign in Neo-Nazi White Supremacy than serve in Cuckoldry.” -Andrew Anglin 2015