Uncle Tom Police Chief Believes Whites Have the Right to Own Guns

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
May 21, 2014

Detroit Police Chief James Craig, certified uncle tom
Detroit Police Chief James Craig, certified uncle tom
A black police chief, filled with hatred for his own race, has announced that he beliefs “law-abiding citizens” – a common euphemism for White people – have a right to possess guns to defend themselves with.

Allowing legal ownership of weapons clearly removes the black advantage over Whites – we saw what happened with Trayvon – and the only possible reason this police chief would support such a measure is because he is a self-hating uncle tom.

From the Detroit Free Press:

Detroit Police Chief James Craig’s stance on residents using guns to protect themselves is garnering national attention after landing him on the cover of a gun rights magazine.

He reiterated his views today at a news conference, saying armed, law-abiding citizens can be a deterrent to violent crime.

“I’m pro safety. I’m pro life. I’m pro law-abiding citizens staying alive, having the ability to protect themself in a dangerous situation,” he said.

Craig was the subject of a cover story called “A show of courage in Detroit” in America’s 1st Freedom magazine, produced by the National Rifle Association. The article highlights recent home invasions thwarted by armed residents, saying “citizens fighting back” appears to be a growing trend in Detroit.

“This is not about inciting vigilantism, because in my view when you talk about vigilantism, you’re talking about someone who has made a decision to do law enforcement’s job — go out and enforce the law,” he’s quoted as saying in the article. “This is not that at all. This is about self-defense, protection, an imminent threat to life, very different response.”

“Having the ability to protect themself in a dangerous situation” is a common euphemism for “White people have a right to kill blacks for no reason.” “Self-defense” is also a common codeword for Whites exterminating black people who happen to be inside their homes, probably because they got lost.

Can you believe this joker?

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