Ultimate Evil: WW2 Nazi Interrogator Used “Kindness, Respect and Empathy”

Daily Stormer
June 11, 2016


Time to rethink your beliefs, bigots. Turns out nazis were evil after all

We keep hearing how Nazis were just pathologically, self-defeatingly evil. But outside the realm of fiction (including the holohoax), we never hear concrete examples of this evil.

Finally, they found their man: a German interrogator, who extirpated allied secrets from prisoners.

Los Angeles Times:

When the FBI went looking for the best way to pry information from terrorists, they discovered it in the most unlikely of places: an almost-forgotten interrogator for Nazi Germany.

Hanns Scharff was a master manipulator, but not in the stereotypical Gestapo-like ways that usually come to mind. His tools were kindness, respect, empathy and guile.

He told meandering stories, took detainees on long strolls in the countryside and left them alone in his office to read the U.S. military newspaper, Stars and Stripes. He provided hard-to-find cigarettes and even let one captured U.S. pilot take a short flight in a German fighter plane.

What a sick bastard.

But all the while, without them even knowing, he was swiping their secrets.

Couldn’t he just pull out their fingernails or waterboard them? What kind of twisted mind comes up with this stuff?


The face of true evil

In recent years, Scharff’s technique has become the intense focus of research funded by the U.S. government through the FBI-led High-Value Interrogation Group, a task force of agents, analysts and intelligence community officers who question suspected terrorists and other key detainees.

The work has verified what Scharff, an art student who never planned to be a soldier, discovered more than seven decades ago: building a rapport with your subjects and challenging their preconceived notions gets you more reliable information than torture or handling them roughly.

The reality of World War 2, is that Nazis had by far the best human right’s record out of any force fighting in the war. While the Soviets were clearing minefields with POW’s and the British were firebombing civilian areas, Germans did their best to treat their prisoners well and avoid hurting civilians.

Now, war is war. You could say that anything is justified when defending your nation. And you could especially make the argument that if it would have saved Western Civilization, then the Nazis should have been far more brutal.


This is what the Nazis were promoting

But the point is, the Germans were the noblest. They had the moral high ground from every conceivable point of view. The only way you can make them out to be the bad guys is through a vicious campaign of lies and slander.

But the truth will come out.

And then, victory will be ours.