ULTIMATE Baked Alaska DEATH STREAM: Metokur, Loomer, Warski, Enoch and Mike Tokes

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 23, 2018

As predicted, 2018 is the best year of all time.

The first month isn’t over, and this is already the best year of my life.

Perhaps the best stream yet – at the very least, it is second to the Sargon v Spencer debate – has been recorded on Baked Alaska’s channel, featuring Mister Metokur, Laura “Zika Baby” Loomer and Andy “Gas Every Last Fucking Filthy Ratfaced Kike” Race Warski, with special guests Lauren “Chocolate Milk Chugger” Southern, Mike Enoch and Mike Tokes.

The stream starts out with Metokur going through all of Loomer’s various scandals, including #Tiregate, which led to BIG LEAGUE LULZ. For those who don’t remember, that is when Loomer’s tire dry-rotted and she claimed a Nazi slashed it.

They also went through the scandal with her allegedly using “Free Laura” legal donations for a nosejob, and she went ahead and threw the head of Rebel Media, Ezra Levant – a Jew she used to work for – under the bus. She will probably be sued by him for that.

They then went into allegations that Loomer would blackmail men into having sex with her by secretly recording them saying racist things and threatening to release the tape, as well as her legal threats against Lauren Southern and Cassandra Fairbanks in relation to this issue.

Southern actually appeared briefly and confronted her. Loomer tried to be friendly with her and she was all like “nah, u got me fucked up, dawg” (slang she learned from her boyfriend).

That happens at 51:00 – if you don’t want to watch the whole three and a half hours, that is a good place to start, then you can drop out at 2:51:00 when they start reading superchats to make it a breezy 2 hour listen (or one hour, if you’re a pro like me). I listened to the whole thing on 2x speed at the gym this morning.

Following that, they talk about Jews controlling everything, which Loomer for some reason admits. She is a weird Jew, you see. She has some form of autism. Or she is literally a Zika baby. She will admit that and then say “oh well, it’s not all Jews and blah blah blah muh Holocaust goyim.”

Loomer was then asked about why she had the Daily Stormer Discord channel shut down – “THUNDERDOME,” it was called – by sneaking in and taking screenshots of shitposts and tweeting them out to Discord, saying our lads were planning terrorism. She claimed she didn’t intend for it to be shut down, and was just tattling for no reason. She said she had no way of knowing that tweeting out these images of out-of-context shitposts would result in us being banned.

At some point following that, the issue of Tweeting out images of Mike Enoch’s mom comes up, at which point Warski enters the RACE WAR and promptly gasses the bitch.

If you’ll recall, Loomer tweeted out pics of Mike’s mom showing her as a liberal and Hillary supporter, apparently trying to prove that the Alt-Right is a democrat conspiracy. Because anyone who has a mom who is a liberal and is right-wing is a part of a Clinton conspiracy.

Enoch then came on to question Loomer about this affair.

She had no clear answer as to what her thinking was in looking up Mike Enoch’s mother and posting pictures of her in a threatening way.

Throughout the entire thing, what is notable is that Loomer never directly answered a single question. As Warski pointed out, it seemed as though she would answer “no, but…” and then go on to explain that yes, she did do the thing in question.

Loomer then fled the stream (as a Jew, she is prone to fleeing persecution). The squad bullshitted for a while before the real show got started, when Mike Tokes showed up to defend Loomer.

I hate Loomer, I hate the Jews, I hate the Alt-Lite – but this Tokes guy man. I can’t help but like him. Really a great guy.

Obviously, he’s a deep cover troll. He’s literally been fucking Laura Loomer just to troll the kikes.

Imagine that level of devotion, friends.

Just imagine it.

Sadly, he had to go because he couldn’t find his charger and only had five minutes worth of charge.

They then wrapped-up and did superchats.

Overall, it was a glorious event.

Loomer started out seeming reasonable, but then she got called out and the whole thing just collapsed.

This is not good PR for her.

She came across as vindictive, evil, a liar, socially incompetent, fake and psychopathic – that is to say, Jewish.

She agreed to this because she thought it would help her career, and that is not what took place. Her grave just got ten feet deeper.

But this right here is the thing in 2018: INTERNET BLOODSPORTS.

Good shit.