UK: Young Hetero Rights Activist Convicted of “Planning Terrorism” for Edgy Facebook Posts

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 6, 2018

The bar for “planning terrorism” if you’re a Moslem is very high. You have to have concrete plans developed and taken steps to actually move toward a goal to be convicted of anything plan-related.

If you’re a white kid, however, they just accuse you of it based on Facebook posts and throw you in prison.

The Independent:

A neo-Nazi has been convicted of planning a terror attack at a gay pride event after posting violent homophobic rants online.

Armed police stopped Ethan Stables as he was travelling to the celebration at a pub in Cumbria, finding weapons including a machete and axe at his home.

So he was going to the event to commit a terrorist attack – but left his terror machete and terror axe at home?

They had been tipped off by a member of a far-right Facebook group who saw the unemployed 20-year-old post a message saying he was “going to war” and planned to “slaughter every single one of the gay bastards”.

The woman, who was added to the chat by Stables and did not support his views, phoned police and posted screengrabs of his messages on social media warning local people not to go to the pub.

There you go.

Some nosy bitch called the cops over politically incorrect Facebook posts and BAM – you’re going to prison for terrorism.

“I’ve had enough, I don’t want to live in a gay world and I sure as hell don’t want my children living in one,” Stables wrote in the “National Socialists Union standing against the New World Order” group.

“What happened to our traditional qualities? They’re f***ing ruined. I don’t care if I die, I’m fighting for what I believe in and that is the future of my country, my folk and my race.”

Stables had already posted a photo of himself holding a machete and another taken from outside the The New Empire pub in Barrow showing it flying rainbow flags in preparation for the event.

The venue was surrounded by armed police as officers spotted Stables walking towards his target from his flat on the evening of 23 June.

Stables was initially arrested on suspicion of making threats to kill but the charge was later changed to preparing a terrorist act, with the defendant describing himself as a “nationalist” on Facebook and hitting out at the UK’s “totalitarian regime”.

Leeds Crown Court heard he had become fascinated with Nazi ideology by September 2016, being shown footage of Stables saying “gays look nicer on fire” while burning a rainbow flag.

Prosecutor Jonathan Sandiford said Stables espoused homophobic, racist and Nazi views online, taking a selfie with a swastika flag hanging on his bedroom wall.

Look kids. There’s really no reason to have a swastika flag at all, let alone post selfies of on the internet of you in front of it. I understand it is empowering, but they will show that shit in court and you will be convicted of whatever.

The defendant searched online for information on joining neo-Nazi groups Combat 18 and National Action – a banned terrorist organisation – while researching how to prepare for a “race war”.

The jury was told Stables was interested in the Columbine High School massacre and viewed graphic footage of terror attacks, torture, massacres, executions and extreme violence.

Evidence presented in court showed he made a series of Google searches on a prospective attack, including one reading “I want to go on a killing spree” and another on “how to be a terrorist”.

Police examination of his devices showed he also searched “how to make chemical poison”, “what is prison like for a murderer” and “do you get haircuts in prison”.

That part almost sounds made-up.

Stables had also researched how to make a bomb at home, with investigators finding a collection of match heads in his flat.

Footage taken by a police officer searching the property showed a huge Nazi flag hung on a wall by Stables’ bed, next to a dresser strewn with weapons including the axe and knives, alongside tools.

His rifle was leaning against a bookcase and the machete was discovered under a coffee table.

While swapping messages with fellow extremists, he blamed the fact that he was unemployed on “faggots, n******, spastics” and the Equalities Act. Stables also expressed hatred of Muslims and Jews, claiming in a WhatsApp message a month before his arrest: “My country is being raped. I might just become a skinhead and kill people.”

Stables denied preparing terrorist acts and making threats to kill, claiming he was only venting his anger online.

They are claiming he was on the way to the gay bar to take photographs for reconnaissance when they arrested him.

Reconnaissance for what? An axe attack? He had no actual weapons, nor had he tried to acquire any weapons.

If he was really on the way to a gay bar to take photographs, why didn’t they let him take the photographs? That at least would have been some form of evidence. As it stands now, there is nothing – and somehow he’s a convicted terrorist.

  • Edgy internet posts
  • Alleged Google searches
  • Owning a machete and an axe
  • Allegedly being on the way to a gay bar

Equals terrorist plot.

But only if you’re white.