UK: University Gives “Trigger Warning” About Brothers Grimm Fairy Tales

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
October 26, 2019

She did NOT consent to that kiss.

Fairy tales are instruction manuals on how to rape.

Daily Mail:

University students have been given ‘trigger warnings’ about potentially upsetting scenes in classic fairytales.

Lecturers admitted students were cautioned about ‘violent material’ contained in the famous children’s stories by the Brothers Grimm.

Their tales include Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Hansel and Gretel and Little Red Riding Hood.

So-called ‘trigger warnings’ are part of a growing trend which sees undergraduates warned about content they could find disturbing.

Last night Dr Stuart Waiton, a senior sociology lecturer at Abertay University in Dundee, said that ‘the more we make trigger warnings the norm, the more we risk infantilising these adults‘.

What Dr. Stuart Waiton says may sound like a pretty obvious observation, and considering how many people are on board with “trigger warnings,” makes you wonder if making adults more like children isn’t the actual goal behind this stuff.

Glasgow University gave details of a course it runs in modern languages and cultures in response to a freedom of information request.

The lecturer in charge said: ‘When I teach my Grimms’ Fairytales class, I always say some of the material includes child abuse, incest and other violent material.

‘As we do psychological readings of the tales, this can be important to acknowledge.’ Trigger warnings are given verbally or on an internal website named Moodle so that students know about content that could upset them. Complaints have led to warnings being read out.

Classics students at Glasgow, studying Greek and Roman culture, said staff ‘frequently flag if we are dealing with certain types of content, both to alert students to what is coming and to make it clear that we are examining a very different culture from our own – and certainly not endorsing the material covered’.

It’s weird, isn’t it? If their goal is to prevent students from getting upset… where does that end? Why stop at trigger warnings?

What if the student gets upset because of a bad grade or whatever?

They said that this could include ‘sexual assault and rape‘, ‘extreme expressions of misogyny‘, suicide, and racist language and behaviour.

In a theology and religious studies course at Glasgow University, students are told ‘we are going to be talking about torture and brutal violence with sexual elements‘, adding: ‘Otherwise, no trigger warnings.’

We are going to be talking about all of that and more when the Inquisition takes over.

But there’ll be no trigger warnings.

And a history lecturer, teaching courses on sex and religion in the West, and Christianity and the sexual revolution, reads out a trigger warning which states: ‘Some of the references will be to heterosexual and homosexual activities between adults which were illegal in the mid-20th century, and a few are still illegal. But there will be ‘no display of sexually explicit material, merely discussion of it’.

Glasgow University’s veterinary college said that in an animal biology course, ‘humorous’ images are used to ‘highlight and illustrate important discussion points’.

It added: ‘In response to a complaint (before the lecture, not after, and based on the draft slides put on Moodle), a content trigger warning was included on three slides that go up on Moodle.

‘The complaint was about what can be summed up as “sexism”. The wording of my warning in the slides is: “Images used here are light-hearted humour intended to illustrate important points being discussed at this point in the lecture”.

This serves to warn students that the images used in the actual lecture are NOT intended to be taken seriously, they serve to engage the students to think about what the real state of the world is, as opposed to what popular imagination holds it to be.

The topic being covered at this point in the lecture is the evolution via sexual selection of differences in brain structure and function between males and females of several species, including the idea that this is likely also to be true for humans.’

That’s against Equality. Can’t have that in colleges.

Everyone knows that humans are all the same, no matter the color of their skin, gender, sexual orientation, sexual organs, and physical appearance.

One would think that atheists and the non-religious, of all people, would agree with applying animal biology theories to humans. After all, they don’t think that humans were created by God.

But for some reason, most atheists are likely to adhere to Equality and feminism, and to think that everyone is the same, that racism is bad, that sexism is bad, that women can do everything men can do and so on — which is contrary to what can be observed in the animal kingdom.

It would be funny to ask them about this.

How can humans be that special while at the same not being that special?

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